Struve Vs. Hunt possible for UFC on FUEL 8


A showdown between heavyweights Stefan Struve and Mark Hunt appears to be in play for the UFC’s return to Japan on March 2. reported that sources have all but confirmed that the two heavyweights will throw down inside of the Octagon at the Saitama Super Arena for UFC on FUEL 8. It’s an interesting fight between two total polar opposites.

Struve is riding a four fight win streak with impressive victories including a 2nd TKO against Stipe Miocic, a first round armbar submission over Lavar Johnson, another TKO against Dave Herman and a triangle armbar submission victory over Pat Barry. It’s pretty safe to say that the 24-year-old has matured quite well since losing by devastating knockout to Travis Browne back in May 2011.

Meanwhile, Mark Hunt is riding a three fight win streak after dropping five in a row. With knockout victories over Cheick Kongo and Chris Tuchscherer, as well as a unanimous decision victory over Ben Rothwell, Hunt has gone from middling journeyman to a legit threat who is always fun to watch.

Where it gets interesting is the distinct advantages Struve holds over Hunt. The Super Samoan stands at 5’10” while Struve towers over him as a 7-footer. Struve also holds an advantage in the youth department as Hunt is 14 years his senior at 38. However, Hunt has been able to overcome height and age disadvantages before and always shows up when the chips are down. Hunt will also have the home field advantage as Japan has seen him fight MMA and K-1.

We’re hopeful that these two get it on as there’s no doubt that this has Fight of the Night potential.

  • great fight!! hope struve dont want to proof his stand up with hunt!!

  • If theres a lock for 2013 its that this fight doesn't go the distance.

    If Struve fights smart like he did against Lavar Johnson and gets a quick takedown (trip in the clinch or pull guard) he will likely get the sub but if he tries to test his stand up for too long, like he did early in his career, then he'll be waking up with a flashlight in his face

    • I think this fight might play out a lot like Struve V Nelson. The only thing that might prevent that is, as you said, the fight going to the ground BUT Hunt's height might actually give him an advantage there. With his low center of gravity and how low Struve has to shoot he will be tough for the 7 footer to throw or take down.

      • yea I agreee, that's why I suggested a trip or pulling guard. Struve has been doing some nice trips to guys lately but closing the distane against the K-1 WGP champion is a scary feat.

  • Mark Hunt, on his feet, is a scary guy. He has a Tyson-esque quality about him. He seems to be impervious to most blows and he stocks his opponents with a KO intent. And with an ever improving take-down defense, he's an even scary. For Struve, that's going to prove a problem. I think the only way he will be able to get Mark down will be by jumping guard. If he can't do that, I don't see him manifesting a victory, here. Mark is too big (wide / thick) to be knocked out or held back, by Struve and the reach advantage won't help. Mark will come to brawl not box. With that said, Stefan is a remarkable and gamey player and he's pulled off many a surprise in The Octagon. Perhaps he has another trick up this long sleeve. Either way, should be a great fight. A fight with a finish.

    Should Hunt win, a fight I'd like to see would be Hunt / Cormier.

    • Hunt/Cormier? Perhaps the most decorated wrestler in MMA against a guy with a history of bad grappling?
      Personally that fight doesn't interest me at all, I'd rather see Hunt/Nelson or Hunt/Overeem

      • No, I understand what you're saying. I'm just thinking if he can keep it on his feet and it would be an interesting match-up. I would love to see two guys with that much power go at it. Regardless, I'll say this about Hunt in that match-up…you have to get there first and Mark has KO power, man. Cormier might go for the take-down and just be down. I don't know, I'm a big Mark Hunt fan (as I am a Cormier fan), I'd just like to see those two guys swinging at each other. However, I do hear what you are saying and you are probably right, but this is why we have fights, to prove not contend.

      • ..and Hunt would kill Nelson. Hunt / Overeem would be a good go. I'd like to see Hunt / JDS, to be honest. Hunt / Anyone in a stand-up fight would be interesting.

        • D

          Hunt would kill Nelson? Big Country has fantastic grappling skills. He gets a takedown, its over within 2 minutes. I think Nelson wins more often than not.

  • D

    I have a feeling Hunt is going to KTFO Struve…Hunt's hand speed is incredible for a man his size. However, I have a tendency to underestimate Struve, and he almost always seems to find a way to win, even if he takes a beating early in the fight. If Hunt catches him, though, he's not recovering. Hunt has scary power…so he better get this fight to the ground before that happens.

  • Check out footage of Hunt on youtube where the mad dog has his hands down and is asking for his opponent for his best shots and keeps taking them and smiling.