Stephen Thompson: Everyone Knows I Can Beat Tyron Woodley


Stephen Thompson knows he has what it takes to beat UFC welterweight champ Tyron Woodley.

Thompson and Woodley initially met in the co-main event of UFC 205 from Madison Square Garden in November. The Fight Of The Night ended in a Majority Draw and talks of a rematch immediately began after the razor close bout’s conclusion.

The pair then rematched at UFC 209 last month on pay-per-view (PPV), where Woodley took home a controversial Majority Decision win. Coming off back-to-back title bouts in which he was unsuccessful in capturing the 170-pound crown, Thompson will again have to earn his way back into the title picture.

‘Wonderboy’ recently spoke to Submission Radio to discuss the possibility of a third bout against ‘The Chosen One’, and claims he and everyone else knows he can beat him (quotes via Bloody Elbow):

“I feel I can go out there and I know I can beat him,” Thompson said. “I mean just in the last two fights, I know if I put forth just a little bit more effort and actually go out there and just do what I know I can do, just fight, you know, I know I can beat him. I know I can do it. And the fans do too.”

“Of course, you’re out there being cautious, but sometimes you gotta grit your teeth, bite down on that mouthpiece and go. And I didn’t do that in the last fight. And that’s something that I know if I go out there and do, then I’ll ended up winning. But the fight happened twice and I’ll fight who I gotta fight next and we’ll do it again.”

Photo by Joe Camporeale for USA TODAY Sports

Woodley and Thompson’s UFC 209 contest nearly ended in the fifth round when the welterweight champ landed another hellacious right hand. ‘Wonderboy’ was able to survive the onslaught and make it to the judges’ scorecards, but not without suffering a knee injury first:

“Well in the fifth round he actually blitzed me in the fifth round and I ended up falling down. And as I was getting back up against the cage, he ends up smoking me with a right hand, back of the head. I ended up dropping right then,” Thompson explained. “And the way I dropped, I fell back over my right knee kind of at an awkward angle. And I don’t know if you go back and watch it, but it ended up falling over the back of my right knee and we believe we have an MCL tear – not an ACL tear, but an MCL tear. And hopefully that’s all it is.”

“I’m pretty sure the ACL’s intact, just making sure there’s no meniscus tears or anything like that. But it’s sore, still a little swollen, but you know, I’m itching to just get back out there and train and this is what I do, man. I do this everyday and this is kind of hard for me just to kind of sit back and watch everybody else train. We’ve got guys from my gym that have fights coming up, so I’d like to be there for them as well.”

  • Bill Wolf

    Stephen Thompson has fought Tyron Woodley for ten five-minute rounds. Ten times of ten, Tyron Woodley was in no danger of being finished in that round.

    • J Thomson

      and ten out of ten times Tyron almost put me to sleep. It was a draw the first time, and more or less the same thing the second, if not one more round for Thompson. Tyron has an aggressive style, but he isnt technical, Thompson is technical, so its expected of him to be more level headed when he fights. But both times Tyron was nullified from his aggressive stance, which in my opinion nullified his style.

      • Bill Wolf

        Rory MacDonald nullified Tyron Woodley’s style. That fight was point-fighting, but it was also a tail-kicking. Nobody had to guess who won that fight.

        Stephen Thompson didn’t do that, or anything like it.

  • Superzorro

    No we don’t. We know that in a fight where you have to definitively prove that you are superior to your opponent, the champion, you are unable to do so.

  • David Twardy

    Please do not make a 3rd fight between these 2. I counted at least 6 times between 1min and 2.5 mins without even a single attempt at a strike.

  • bananaboy


  • C. F.

    Everyone knows except for the judges.

  • Allen Eltor

    I know Tyron has whipped your point-fighting ass TEN out of TEN three minute rounds with you.

    Well you MIGHT have one some rounds.


    on MORE than one occasion.

    for YOU

    doing the same to TYRON.

    Don’t you EVEN fucking start.

    You HAD your tries.

    We’ll see you later when you work your way back up through the ranks.

    • Buck Shot

      You really think Cryin Tyron beat his ass? Come on he didn’t fight like a true champion. He barely eaked a decision. Not enough to be declared the best in the welter weight.

      • Bill Wolf

        Tyron Woodley beat Robbie Lawler for real. That’s what got him declared to be the best welterweight.

      • Allen Eltor

        Yeah Tyron beat his ass not once but twice. He didn’t bludgeon TYRON to the ground in BLOODIED, BATTERED, LOST CONFUSION.

        Tyron did that to HIM.

        MORE than ONCE.

      • Allen Eltor

        Really? Let’s look at who knocked who down to the point they were so addled they were about to start boxing and blocking the lights.

        Let’s see who just looks like they took a vicious ass whipping involving having their head split open, being knocked down several times, and generally engaging in very unpleasant talks about who knows most about that ancient philosophy, ”-uH nO, I can whip YOUR ass!”

        And actually when you’re the champion is when you EARN the RIGHT to no longer fight aggressively. People say they think they can pull you off the top of the hill? Ok then. The champ already did that game, and there’s no way you can ever expect someone to become the champ and live like it means nothing to retain it. There’s no rule about it, nobody’s ever been able to figure one out, so it’s the way it is, and I’m not one to be so contrarian about what men have been doing similary for several THOUSAND years.

        He went out there and whipped one of the most stunningly difficult to whip men in several years, and did it not once – but TWICE.

        And there are NO photos of Tyron’s face mashed up like he got caught chasing a train on a track,

        there are NO photos of Tyron’s hands flailing through the air as he FLEW backward
        from having WonderBoy knock him through the air BACKWARD

        there are NO photos of Tyron narrowly being saved by the BELL as Thompson laid him out and started whipping his ass like he told him he was gonna do. Those photos simply don’t exist,

        but what DOES exist is a buncha photos of THOMPSON looking befuddled, bleeding, like wtF?

        and there are a bunch of him flying backward in the air like somebody designed a gif to represent him being REJECTED as the world’s best martial artist at that weight.

        And there are photos and video of Thompson being saved by the bell as he was undergoing an alteration of his concept of ‘conscious.’

        That’s about all there is to it, and it’s not gonna change, by saying it didn’t happen. Is it?

  • Jess Fenchley

    Uh, no. You lost to him twice so not everyone know you can beat him until you do. Delusional fighter seeing his career evaporating in the UFC where three losses mean you’re done. Rough business.

    • McGraw

      Fighters with name value don’t get released until they’ve racked up 4-6 losses now.

      • Jess Fenchley

        Nope, plenty of examples. Google is your friend.

        • McGraw

          Why is Matt Brown who is 1-5 in his last 6 not released? Why is Anthony Pettis still around after going 1-4 in his last five fights? Why is OSP still booked for an upcoming fight when he’s lost 3 straight? Andrei Arlovski has lost 4 in a row and is still employed.

          Looks like you’re wrong.

  • Louis Castro

    He had his chance to do it twice. His second fight was sleep-inducing. I actually believed he had what it took to beat woodley from his early fights but with the title on the line, he didn’t take any risks and he has nobody but himself to blame. No way Dana white signs a third fight. The second was a comnercial catastrophe in every way

    • Crono

      The funny thing is, Maia could potentially do exactly what Shields did to Woodley for 25 minutes.

  • Shrewd Dude

    No, we don’t. Not anymore, sorry.