Stefan Struve shares his brutal X-rays on Twitter


At last night’s UFC on Fuel TV 8, Heavyweight Stefan Struve clearly held an advantage over Mark Hunt on the ground, His mistake was standing with him for too long. On the wrong end of a huge knockout punch from the surging Hunt, Struve’s 4-fight winning streak was broken along with his jaw. He tweeted a photo of his x-ray, which clearly shows a large vertical break through the front of his jaw.

Struve had been finishing fights as of late, but Hunt’s striking was just too much for the young 7-footer. It looked like Struve might submit Hunt after scoring big points with a sweep and ground-and-pound, but in the third round, both fighters gassed. That led to the late surge by The Super Samoan, who could come to the octagon in better shape for sure.

If Hunt accomplished that, would he actually be a legitimate threat at the UFC Heavyweight title? As a huge fan of the old Pride days, it’s fun just to be able to have that conversation. However, if Hunt got mounted by Struve, Cain Velasquez would most likely present some serious problems for him. Let me know what you think. 

  • Tis only a flesh wound.

    • Monty Python FTW

    • I would cry if Mark Hunt punched me

    • keep your head up Stefan, or better yet, keep your hands up next time when you are fighting someone like Hunt you dummY

  • Man, the detail on that x-ray is unreal. Very cool.

  • that is not no normal xray, maybe a mri or ct scan

  • Herb Dean has x-ray vision. We ain't seen what he seen. I will never doubt him again.

  • i think that Cain velazque will not make happen that hunt strikes to him like that that is for sure.

    • DG1

      Hey, are you trying to talk like DG1? *facepolm*

  • "if Hunt accomplished that, would he actually be a legitimate threat at the UFC Heavyweight title?"

    He might be a threat for the first round and less likely after the first. Cain is a cardio machine with fantastic wrestling skills. He would keep Mark against the cage or on the mat… not allowing Mark to land his big strikes. A couple rounds of that and Mark's gas tank would be empty. Again… Cain would simply out cardio Hunt if nothing else were to happen.

    On another note… holy **** that looks painful. I wonder what the recovery time is for an injury like this one. All the way up in to the tooth…

    Hoping for a fast recovery.

    • I had my jaw broken in the exact same place (and right below the joint). It was wired shut for six weeks and the doctor told me not to get punched for at least a year. I got jumped by seven guys six months later (I KOd one of them and broke some ribs on another 😀 ) and after all the stomps to the face made it out with my jaw intact. Struve will be okay.

      • You are the man ICP and I mean it

        • @pound4pound; one of those "funny" clicks is mine LOL. I was just young and dumb enough to think I had a chance of winning.

          • But I mean it tho, I did something similar and ended up with my right wrist broken, my boxing carrer ended that day, and to this day if I put good power in my right hand I break my wrist. that was back in 1999 right before the panamerican games in Winipeg and a year before the olympics in Sydney.I still regret it to this day but sometimes you have to stand up for yourself right?

      • @ ICP

        Have you ever read a book called…"In The Belly Of The Beast" by Jack Abbott?

        If not, you should check it out. It's a very interesting read. Abbott tells a similar story in (what is) his biography. I remember reading in it, that when he was approached he had made up his mind, that the first guy he was going to go after, was the biggest guy in the crew.

        Personally, I was almost mugged this past summer. When I realized what was about to happen, I exercised the first rule of fighting. If you can get out of there, do. So, I ran. LOL! Not much of a story, but its the truth. LOL! It's also when I realized that my cardio needs improvement. LOL! 🙂

        • No I haven't read that one but it sounds like it's worth checking out. Does it read anything like Palahniuk? Running is a terrible idea. Your back is turned and if you aren't the fastest one there you are wasting a lot of energy. I was 17 and dumb as ****. I had beaten three guys before so I figured **** it. Luckily for me the cops showed up pretty quickly or I probably would have gotten beaten to death.

          • @ ICP

            I've never heard of "Palahniuk", but I'll Google it. Abbott's book describes his life as a career criminal and spending almost all of his adult life behind bars. It's an interesting read to say the least.

            Yeah – I hear you on the running and if the two had chased me I truly would have been F####D. However, given the circumstance, which was two guy rolling up on me in a car, one of them hopping out and coming at me…I made an assumption and the assumption was he was armed. Hence, I ran. I'm not an idiot, nor am I a comic book hero.

            However, I admit, I've had the debate with myself as to whether or not it was the right decision and not because my ego was damaged, but for the reason you named, which is my back was turned and I was winded as hell, by the time I quit running.

            Maybe it was the best decision out of two bad choices. I'll never know. Given that I believe buddy had either a knife or a gun, I feel I made the right move. Evaluate early and act on the evaluation. Either run or attack, but don't obviate. And trust me, I didn't. I was ran like hell.

            Cops – I just wish they'd show up before hand and prevent it or at least allow me to carry the same model gun which they carry to protect themselves, to protect myself. My guess would be, if those two idiots knew or thought I had been armed, that they'd have passed me by. As they would anyone else with a weapon.

          • Zip


            Fight or flight – you chose well. I, however, remain a dummy and never run. It's an ego hangup that will probably cost me some day, but man that rush…

          • Against more than three guys there really is no good choice. You got out unscathed. Good call. Palahniuk is a great author. He wrote Fight Club, Choke and a whole bunch of other amazing books.

  • Would love to see a scan of Bigfoot's skull….

  • Pretty cool CT scan.

  • Man, Struve looks a whole lot better with his skin on, than off.

  • Frustrating too see Struve not use his height and weight to his advantage at times,I think he needs to be more aggressive,way more aggressive,great win for Mark,he's awesome,would love to see him slug it out against Big Country!

  • Feel bad for Struve , thats a nasty injure. But feel happy for Hunt he was among the firsts mma names i heard when I even didn't know the sport, I'm a big fan of the pride names.
    but i'm wondering if he is ready for a title shot?, and I'll answer that cuestion, facing him to one of the best 3 HW in the world. Rather prefer him facing someone like Daniel Cormier Instead of Dos Santos .
    Even more! I would pay to see Daniel Cormier Vs Mark Hunt but I wouldn't if Daniel Cormier face frank mir , to me seem much more interesting facing an awesome wrestler in Daniel (and a clever striker too) vs a Brutal Striker in Hunt

  • Damn struve is one tough kid, his jaw was broken and he still went down seemingly ready to defend if he had to. I'd probably be grabbing my jaw and screaming like a bish.

  • Hunt doesn't gas, shame that Mike doesn't know that, if you gas you lose power and slow down but Hunt doesn't, he just looks tired but remains the same fighter. Also think that Struve didn't hold the advantage on the ground he expected in this fight and was never really close to submitting Hunt, those mount situations were the only dangerous times for Hunt.

  • Looks like his cheek bones are not too healthy too? not I know what I'm talking about

  • I just noticed something odd. It could just be the scan resolution or my computer screen but it looks like Struve's eye teeth are completely flat. Considering the rest of the teeth look normal I wouldn't think its wear.

  • WHY…why is a guy 7ft tall allowing a 5.9 dude walk up to him and punch him..better yet he looked liked he wanted to stand and trade with hunt at times? i mean why…struve has so much potential but gets sucked into slugfests…struve needs to use his height/jab/distance fight stays at..he is still young but i hope he works on what will improve his game

    • It's not always that easy. Being short has its advantages. One of them is that once you get on the inside on a much taller opponent they don't have a lot of options. They can clinch or try some small punches or knees but the punches aren't thrown at an optimum angle and a lot of throws and trips from clinch don't work well on a fire hydrant that knows the clinch game. I really don't understand why he didn't throw more knees though. They work great against a short guy. Also, the jab game is a great way to keep an opponent at bay but if the guy doesn't mind eating a couple on the way in it doesn't work as well.

      • @ ICP

        I'm beginning the think that the perfect fighter would be 4-foot-11 and only have one arm. 🙂

        • I get the 4'11" part of the joke but one arm? I'm not saying it is better to be short but for all the disadvantages (and there are plenty) there are some advantages as well. It is all about learning to use your body and put yourself in positions where your body type has an upper hand. Mark Hunt is one of those guys (like Fedor, Mike Tyson, Daniel Cormier, Matt Serra, etc) who have learned to have an advantage against much taller opponents.