Sonnen on Silva and Jones: There’s a big gap between them, Jones is considerably better


Chael Sonnen recently sat down for an interview with Jay Mohr at FOX Sports Radio. While discussing his upcoming fight against Jon Jones he gave the fans a little bit more background on how he feels about his opponent. Of course Sonnen is never one to shy away from making himself look as good as possible, which makes sense considering he had the following to say regarding the skill differential between that of Jon Jones and Anderson Silva:

“I think there’s a big gap between them. I think that Jon Jones is considerably better, I think he’s the best talent our sport has ever seen”

“Jon comes out there with something new every time. Some trick that it appears he’s making up. Stuff I’ve never seen.”

It’s interesting to hear him talk to highly of Jones and the skills he possesses, not because he’s normally disrespectful towards his opponents and not even because it makes him look increasingly better should he find some sort of miraculous way to pull of a win, but because Anderson Silva defeated him twice, finishing him decisively both times.

With that said, Sonnen isn’t exactly pleading a very good case or convincing anyone that he has a believable chance. If you’re claiming that your current opponent is soo much better than an undefeated champion who just finished you twice, what does that say for you, and more importantly what do you think Jones is going to do to you?

Regardless, Chael is a fighter in every sense of the word. We can all rest assured that he’ll bring everything he has to the table, guaranteeing an entertaining fight no matter the outcome. Regarding his game plan and the way he anticipates fighting Jones:

“I am 100 percent offense and from the second the referee says, ‘Go.’ I will. I will come across and I will bring the fight to him. I may go down, he’s a good fighter I may go down, but I promise you I will go like a gangster and I will be firing the entire time.”

We’ll see if those words turn to fruition and whether the ammo he’s packing can do enough damage to the as of yet bulletproof champion Jon Jones. UFC 159: Jones vs. Sonnen is going down live April 27, 2013 at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

Let us know what you thought of Chael’s comments below.

  • sonnen lies about everything so my guess is hes lying about this too….. and how would he really know if he hasnt stepped in the cage with jones yet?

    "Jon (ANDERSON SILVA) comes out there with something new every time. Some trick that it appears he's making up. Stuff I've never seen."

    • OneMoreRound is biased and gets everything backwards so my guess hes wrong about this too….

      Chael likes Jon. Relax, that's okay. It'll be an interesting but likely short fight. Chael knows he's going to be overwhelmed.

      • chael fans are also fans of SNITCHING and TRT.

        • @ Michael

          I know i am commiting a logical fallacy by attacking the person and not the argument (i forgot the formal name)

          but chael doesnt deserve to be reasoned with. he was found guilty of fraud by the authorities and by the athletic commission

          • Onemore: Sonnen seems to forget that he lost to Anderson while he was Juiced up, then got destroyed by him when he was on TRT.

          • @underdog when you say juiced up, do you mean on TRT? He was on TRT both times just the first time his levels were too high

          • I was talking about him being straight up on Steroids (PED) the first time around.

          • @keith farrel

            sonnen is bad for the sport he isnt ( top ten anything )

          • He wasn't on steroids the first time around. That never happened. He was on TRT both times, and just cycled correctly the second fight.

            Also, I'm not sure he was destroyed. Stopped after Anderson held the shorts, kneed him in the face (while grounded), and he threw the stupidest spinning back fist in the world; yes. Destroyed, neh.

          • You're starting to sound like Chael, EH, and that's pretty scary ifyou ask me. you should have worn your glasses when they fought the second time around if you still think he was kneed to the in the face. Three words: He was destroyed.

          • He was, no need for glasses. The knee hit the face = kneed in the face. But that wasn't really the reason I replied just some extra trolling.

            He was on TRT the first time. That is a fact. It's just that he didn't cyle properly like everybody does now to have the T:E ratio down far enough at fight time (which is why TRT users should be tested at the very least weekly, but that's a convo for another day).

        • I love both of those things!

      • @michael: jones is better,bigger,younger,hungrier, and flexierthan silva. channen vs jones is the most stupid match up, chael is more trashtalker ang gangster and more stupid than jones.

  • I love Chaels comments sometimes lol they do give me a laugh i must admit "I may go down, but I promise you I will go like a gangster and I will be firing the entire time." lol

  • Too much love between Cheal and Jones. I hope they don't start making out during the fight.

    • DG1

      Actually grandslam, I think you'd like that to happen.

      • Yuk!
        And what happened to your english? Have you had a brain transplant??

      • ha, facepolm

  • I agree with Chael,5 years from now Jones will rewrite UFC history!!! considering how many no 1 contender and exchamp he has beaten and the quality of those makes him better then silva in my book. Ofcourse, the lack of quality in middle weight isnt Silva's fault tho..

    • There isn't a lack of quality in the middle weight division Anderson just makes it look that way. Jones is great but needs more time to be where Silva is. Remember Silva has been around for a long time and is still doing things that people have never seen before. Jones is still very young and we have yet to see his full potential. In a fight between the two I think Anderson wins.

      • I'm with the dude on this one. BTW, sorry me and my friends pissed on your rug. That was out of line.

        • …It really tied the room together…man. 🙂

          • The Chinamen is not the issue here dude.

          • Hahaha!!! I forgot about that line.:-)

      • There's always been a lack of quality in the middle weight division. It's been the lesser of all the marguee divisions since MMA's inception.

  • I may go down he said,may is an overstatement,you are going down fo'sho!!!

  • DG1

    Sonnen figures that if he's nice enough to Jones before the fight, Jon will only beat him instead of ending his career.

    • DG1 my man.cheal is an expert at psychological warfare

  • Boring!

  • No matter how nice he is to Jon Jones, at the end of the day, he is about to get destroyed once again.

  • Chael will not be cutting crazy weight coming into this bout, he will be well prepared, and definetly will make bones work for a win….People are talking a quick knockout or TKO but I think Chael can make it an interesting and scrappy bout that will test Bones Cardio.

    • Very well could be right. TRT and no weight cutting is going to equal a motivated/jacked Sonnen.

  • As others said, its interesting what Sonnen said, having in mind he got finished twice by a fighter he now says is not at the level of his future opponent. One could argue that its only mind games, meaning hes saying that to either excuse is future loss (if it comes to that) or just to make his opponent overconfident and therefore try to capitalize on that coming fight time.

    That being said, clearly his assessment of both fighters (Jones and Silva) couldn't be further from the truth. Jones is a very dominant fighter and he wins by controlling the fight in almost every aspect of it. That control comes by part due to his technique but mostly because of his athleticism, his reach advantage and physical prowess. I think theres no doubt in any MMA fan (or if there is you must be seeing different fights than I am…) that Silva dominates his fight by sheer technique. Who in their right mind can say that Jones "has new tricks" in every fight when Silva makes up moves and does whatever he feels like doing? I mean, theres no argument whatsoever there, just watch the highlight reel of both fighters, or watch the fights and see who does the "tricks" in each fight…

    One could dispute who is better, Silva or Jones. One could even argue that Jones has the style that most likely is worst for Sonnen, therefore making it a tougher fight for him. But IMO theres no discussion on who's the more creative of the two mentioned fighters!

    • Spinning back elbow, that wrestling-stance thing he did against rampage, holding hands with rashad. Silva definitely has better technique than Jones, but I can't name any memorable "creative" things that Silva has done besides punch-in-face.

      • Really, sure Jones is very creative, but its flashy creative, where as silva is creative but people do not always see it. Remember the finish in cage rage against tony Fryklund with the back elbow….i never seen that before…or since, spinning back elbows happen fairly often, admittedly jones does it very well and fast. Also the front kick to the face, no1 had finished any1 like that, also the more subtle things he does, he uses his knee as if its a jab to set himself up for combos, the way he uses all his limbs effortlessly to set his oppenent up for a finish. Everyone i know says jones is more creative, but when does anderson ever do anything solely text book? The reason people cant be the next silva is no just because he is technically superior to everyone in mma when it comes to striking ( I dare anyone to dispute this) but also because he does combos, and uses all his limbs effectively, people can no emulate silvas style because no1 can do what his does, i see him throw kicks and have himself perfectly setup to be able to land flush knees and punches on the chin, its like he is using his kicks as jabs sometimes, not 2 finish people but set them up….hes a genuis, hes fluid, and god damn it hes creative!

      • @rabble

        "I can't name any memorable "creative" things that Silva has done besides punch-in-face"

        possibly the retarded comment i have read on here. you must have no knowledge of Anderson Silva whatsoever. in which case, why even comment?

        • One of the most creative things that silva does is his use of the Thai Plumb it is subtle he controls people like Hendo with it, think about that for a second.

  • I think the whole being nice to Jones is a good tactic on Chael's behalf. If he'd kept up the level of smack talk from around UFC 151, Jones would have trained to absolutely demolish him.

  • he is already hyping a 4 match vs silva beacuse he know he will lose against jones

  • see, i agree Jones is a beast, no one can denied that but even if he is better, and dominating his division, his going to be a heavy weight sooner than later and it will impact his "legacy" because 1. goes to heavy weight and gets demolished but also wins a few so his "ok" or 2. which i cant honestly see happening, goes to heavyweight and becomes a new Fedor…but if he sticks to LHW his in route to becoming one of the best mma fighters which he his, but still ya know what i mean, in terms of legacy and shit…


    i wast logged in, my post got deleted, but before login in on the replybox i right click>undo. and BAM! my post was back copy>login>paste= 🙂

  • this is one of chael's mindgames. he WANTS to be liked by jon jones, so that he won't fight 100 %!

  • This fight is a joke anyway. Anderson does "stuff we've never seen" all the damn time…

  • The one guarantee is that if/when Jones beats Chael and MMA gets legalized in NY then we can solve the Jones vs Silva debate at Madison Sqare Garden at years end.

  • I still don't undestand why Sonnen is the No. 1 Contender….

  • LOL I am not drinking the Chael kool-aide. He knows Anderson is better then Jones. I am not saying that Jon will not surpass down the road. but let's behonest. Jones striking although impressive at times is novice compared to Silva. His submission is not on the level of Silva. He hasn't finished as many people in spectacular fashion like silva nor has he been tested only to prevail in the end like Silva. last but not least he is not ten wins and undefeated as champ like silva. The only place where jones flat out wins is in the wrestling department. Now I will have say that Jones deserves respect for the level comp he has beaten tho'.