Social Media Blues: Anderson Silva Presses Charges On Twitter Hater


In an odd bit of news from the world of social media, former longtime UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva has apparently filed a police report against a 40-year-old woman in Brazil for slandering him online.

On the shelf healing from the broken leg he suffered against Chris Weidman at UFC 168, Silva was offended when he was called ‘rotten’ on Twitter. Marcelo Magalhaes, the chief of police in Pinhais, Brazil, detailed the situation to Globo Esporte:

“We’re still investigating to get her name, address and phone. It’s a 40-year-old woman who wrote on the internet, in a social media, several phrases, including ‘Brazil will see the idol and rotten that you are’.”

The strange story sounds like a bit of kicking a man when he’s down. After having been an often scrutinized UFC champion for several years, you’d think that Silva would have been able to deflect petty criticism and name calling on the internet. But perhaps he had just had understandably had enough and wanted to be left alone.

In any case, the case is expected to move onto court, where the woman could potentially receive up to six months in jail. It’s hard to fathom that she would receive such a punishment for calling a world-renowned mixed martial artist ‘rotten’ on Twitter, but the law is the law.

The police chief also stated that the accused allegedly called a ‘sh—- idol’ in an interview with MSN Esportes. The backlash comes in the wake of Silva’s first two ever UFC losses to Chris Weidman at UFC 162 and UFC 168. Silva was quick to apologize to his home country of Brazil, and his recovery from the broken leg is apparently going quite swimmingly.

In the meantime, it appears that Silva won’t be taking likely any would-be haters who choose to take to Twitter and bash his status as an icon. ‘The Spider’ is tentatively set to return training in around six months, so let’s hope his battle with his online harasser is over much before then.

  • Disappointed in Silva for stooping this low. When you're in the public or spot light you will get a number of good and bad fans. Silva is a millionaire partly because of the fans, twitter followers which brings endorsements and celebrity persona. You need to take the good with the bad. I don't view this as kicking someone when down. It's a fan expressing their opinion or trolling. Also, Silva being the brilliant troll he is should just allow game to recognize game and move on.

    • I agree with you WF. However, as a fight fan and an athlete, I believe we should know where to draw the line. We could do with a little more respect.

      It is inappropriate to call names to a well known athlete especially where his country's name is also involved. Secondly, I do not endorse the idea of using social media to vent your frustration.

      Anderson's loss has been as unfortunate for him as well as for his fans across the world. There is no reason to call names to a fighter who broke his leg during the fight. For as long as Anderson was winning, this sight was full of people praising him for his skills, accuracy, athleticism and so on. Two losses and look at us? Everybody is a doubter now. Every one is 'tempted' to question his legacy. Every one is happy to call him names and every one is in support of whoever is in the opposition. Even if it is a 40year old woman!

      • Where am I? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills here… You are justifying pressing charges on a woman based on what you've seen above? For stating her opinion? I don't know about you, but I believe in personal liberty, and unless she was saying something slanderous, then her inherent right to free speech should be protected.

        • That's really where I was going with this and you said it well. We across the world should be able to freely express ourselves as long as it's not putting any one in danger etc…. Can't believe police would actually get involved.

          • Freedom od speech is often confused with the right to malign someone's name. My view is that we should know where to draw the line. This 40 year old woman evidently did not.

        • WTF?

    • Be careful……….Silva may see what you wrote and file a report against you too. If I could weak Anderson for being offended at being called Rotten I most certainly would. In fact I'm going to weak myself just so I can weak something.

  • This just in… Apparently the woman has lashed back calling Anderson Silva and I quote "Captain poopy pants with major cooties!"
    While after this backlash Anderson was too distraught to comment Ed Soares has asked the public to please respect Anderson's privacy at this time.

  • Who cares if shes 40, thats Andersons age. They act like she's a senior citizen thats helpless, probably a b*tch. But Anderson why make such a stink about this?

  • All I know for sure about this is that I don't know the whole story.

  • Is Anderson really throwing a tantrum? Taking out his frustration on some troll? I keep elevating Silva on this pedestal because of his almost superhuman abilities in the cage but then I'm constantly reminded by his interviews and behavior that he's just some guy who's really good at MMA.

  • DG1

    Don't say DG1 rotten or press charges ha! *facepolm*

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      • DG1

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  • I say it and I'll keep saying it. Anderson is a dooshbag idiot.

  • abi

    The Spider is using the system just everybody else…
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