Six Rising Women’s MMA Stars To Watch For


Danyelle Nicole Wolf

6. Danyelle Nicole Wolf

Relatively new to the fighting world, Danyelle Nicole Wolf had never strapped up boxing gloves before 2008.

Eight years later, she is the top-ranked female boxer in America. She is part of Team America, working her way up to compete in the Olympics, and also a two-time Continental Champion (2013, 2014) and a three-time USA Boxing National Champion.

More impressively, she’s been self-funded from the start. Although she won’t be competing in this year’s Olympics, she is already eyeing a transition from boxing to MMA. No date has been announced yet, but with Wolf training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, her MMA camp has already begun.

  • Juchi

    It would seem that you have the words “stars” and prospects mixed up. Given that a
    number of these girls have yet to even fight in MMA, calling them MMA stars is
    a bit premature. Noticeably missing, especially since you included well
    established Karolina Kowalkiewicz, is Angela Lee, who as a rookie last year won
    submission of the year, and this year, at the ripe old age of 19, became the youngest fighter to win a title in in a major organization in what many consider a fight of the year
    contender with Mei Yamaguchi.

    • marshall

      they are all stars in combat sports even if only 1 is in the ufc.

      • Juchi

        The article is headlined, “Six Rising Women’s MMA Stars.” 3 of them have yet to fight their first MMA fight so are hardly MMA stars. The article should have been headlined, ” Six newcomers to MMA have the potential to be Stars.” Angela Lee is not in the UFC, she’s in One Championship but despite only having been in MMA a little over a year, she is 6-0 and a tile holder. How could one note 3 fighters that haven’t yet fought in MMA as stars and leave out Lee or even Invicta’s Jinh Yu Frey, who up until her last fight, had fought no one of note and may next be challenging for the title?

        On the other hand, Aldano, Kowlkiewicz and Grasso are well experienced so why are they even mentioned?

        • marshall

          I get it miss titled but dern and tiffany are world champs other combat sports. dern did win her first fight as well.i bet tiffany first mma fight will be before the year over.