Six Reasons Jon Jones Should Be Banned For Life


Jon Jones is both the best and worst thing to ever happen to the UFC and perhaps mixed martial arts in general.

No one before – or after – him demonstrated the athleticism and innate natural ability Jones has shown throughout his UFC career.

But with those extreme highs have come extreme lows. For every accolade, de there has seemingly been a head-scratching, ┬ámind-boggling screw-up to accompany it. Quite possibly the biggest screw-up came after his most recent feel-good, comeback (or so we thought) win over Daniel Cormier at July 29’s UFC 214, where Jones somehow tested positive for anabolic steroid turinabol despite only just returning from his yearlong suspension for clomiphene and letrozole before his scheduled UFC 200 rematch with Cormier.

Jones is now facing a potential four-year suspension, and it’s become a legitimately sad case where longtime MMA fans have begun to wonder if the curious career of “Bones” is done once and for all. He’s of course owed his due process, but with a drug-related incident around each and every corner for the troubled MMA legend, it isn’t looking all that good.

We broke down the six biggest reasons Jones should be banned for life from the UFC if he’s found guilty of his latest disturbing infraction, even if he is the greatest of all time.

6. The Albuquerque Hit-And-Run

Perhaps the first sign of truly major trouble (although there were indications earlier) for the youngest champion in UFC history began when a night out on the town in his adopted home of Albuquerque, New Mexico, ended up in a hit-and-run that left a 25-year-old-pregnant woman with a broken arm.

The details that emerged were as damning as they were shocking. Jones had kept up a clean-cut image early in his career, and even though he had been arrested for DUI and tested positive for cocaine, this was the major incident that began his downfall.

Police on the scene say Jones returned to the scene only to retrieve cash from his totaled vehicle, showing zero regards for the pregnant woman he injured while leaving drug paraphernalia, condoms, and identifying paperwork in the vehicle.

Jones pled guilty in 2015 and received 18 months probation.

For a sport desperately trying to assert its mainstream status, this black eye never fully healed, and the reputation of the UFC came under the same scrutiny that Jones had received.

  • svm

    How about the fact he was never supposed to be tested for cocaine in the first place and that USADA themselves found that he wasn’t guilty of cheating for his first PED test.

    • michaelchimique

      they never found that he wasn’t guilty of cheating. they just couldn’t prove he did.
      his testosterone levels in the first fight were very low for a guy his age. it was consistent with someone who was coming off a cycle. mix that with the fact that at UFC 200 he actually failed for estrogen blockers, which is used to mask the negative effects of a steroid cycle, along with the fact that he got busted with the actual steroid after ufc 214. all the evidence points to him being a career long cheater

    • Keyt

      You look tranny and gross as f*ck.

    • bnewsom98

      If they didn’t find him guilty they wouldn’t have suspended him. Yes they found out that it was a tainted supplement but because of how negligent he was they suspended him. Also part of being a fighter is submitting random drug tests, so they weren’t looking for cocaine necessarily but found it in that drug test.