Six Biggest Takeaways From UFC Pittsburgh


While questionable judging marred an otherwise exciting GGG vs. Canelo Alvarez boxing match in Las Vegas last night (Sat., September 16, 2017), the UFC counter-programmed with the stellar UFC Fight Night 116 card in Pittsburgh.

Filled with quick and brutal knockouts and thrilling performances, UFC Fight Night 116, featuring Luke Rockhold vs. David Branch, did not disappoint fight fans like GGG vs Alvarez did.

We broke down the six biggest takeaways from Saturday night’s fights, so check them out here:

6.¬†You Can’t Sleep On Any UFC Event

Many fight fans dismissed Saturday’s card as a subpar offering from the UFC considering the stacked cards fans seem accustomed to lately.

Circumstances prevented Thiago Alves from fighting Mike “Platinum” Perry, and none of the fights on the Pittsburgh card drew much enthusiasm amongst fans.

But with eight out of 10 fights ending in a knockout or submission, it’s safe to say that fans shouldn’t have slept on this card.

Yes, it went toe-to-toe with GGG vs. Alvarez, but the end result was far more entertaining than anyone could have thought.

Moral of the story is never write off a card before it goes live. Because on paper, it could be underwhelming, but the end result could blow you away in terms of excitement.

  • HeteroFriendly

    ” considering the stacked cards fans seem accustomed to lately.”

    Like Demetrius Johnson versus Ray Borg?

  • Samuel Mitchell

    The boxing bout didn’t disappoint, dildo. The judging did.

  • Jim Allcorn

    Mr. McNulty, Why even bring up something as passe as the whole “boxing vs MMA” thing? Are we not finally to the point where we embrace both sports under the the combat sports unbrella? If not, then we’re damn close to it.
    And, there’s no pretending which event was the bigger of the two when even Joe Rogan’s Fight Companion podcast was spent with about 90% of the focus on the GGG vs Canelo Alvarez contest. I believe that a high percentage of fight fans did as I did, which was record the UFC show on FS1 while watching the boxing event live on PPV.

  • draven

    what i saw in rockhold’s last fight.. well…
    i do not see him to beat robert whittaker
    maybe i am wrong, maybe rockhold had a bad day, but his last performance is not enough to win the interim belt, not now