Sitting down with the champion: UFC on Fox 6 media scrum with Jon Jones


In what ended up becoming a fairly informative and interesting look further into the thought process of Jon Jones, the media got an opportunity to ask the champion a several questions ranging from Chael Sonnen, to the dynamics of his relationship with his brothers, their NFL careers, his potential future in the Heavyweight division and what his experience was like coaching for the very first time on The Ultimate Fighter.

Check out this recent video interview of Jones that was posted by MMA Fighting.

  • Zzzz..

  • Still he has the best record in a history of the champs.

  • I fail understand why, but for some reason, he's become a lot of people's favorite whipping boy. The reality of it is he's the best fighter in MMA. Having had defeated all comers (MH*), Jones has only been in trouble once in a fight and that was only briefly. He has beaten Champion after Champion, for a total of 5 in a row. With four of those coming as title defenses. Concordantly, under no circumstances could one ever argue that his recorded has been padded or that he's fought lesser competition, for he holds a belt in one of the most talent ladend divisions in The UFC. He has an 84% finish rate, which, when compared to the FR's of Anderson Silva's @ 79%, Jose Aldo @ 72% and GSP's @ 57%, gives him the best finishing rate of any and all current Champions, who have multiple title defenses to their credit. In the words of the great Tina Turner, he's simply the best.

    For those fans that dislike Jones they seem to do so, because they feel he's arrogant, became too successful too fast, was responsible for the canceling on a card or maybe that he ducked a fight (none of which I agree with) or that he's a bad man because he got behind the wheel of his car drunk on night (something that most men, including myself, have done at some stage of their lives)….just let it go. He's a phenomenal fighter and will end up proving to be (IMO) one of the greatest fighters, ambassadors and architects of our sport.

    If you hate a guy like Jone's with his kind of record and talent…I just don't get it. It's just hating for hating sake.

    • He has talent, wont argue, but he's the tallest and has the longest reach of ANY LHW ever.

      • Entity – We can't blame The Man for his natural attributes.

        Height and reach aside, something I'm looking forward too, should Cormier beat Mir, is a fight between Jones and DC. Although, with that said, I'll be pulling for Mir. One, because I'm a long time fan and Two, because I've kind of grown tired of how DC thinks he can / will just walk into The UFC, pick what division he wants to be in and automatically own it, as if he's the only bad-ass in town.

        I like Cormier a great deal and thinks he's a tremendously talented fighter, but the rhetoric is starting to get ahead of the record and I for one, again as a Mir fan, would love to see Frank shut that down. Although and regrettably, he probably will not. If he does and he does the same thing to Jones, then…I'll believe all the hype. However, shutting Bones Jones down and Mir down, are two completely different challenges.

        • Maybe it's because Im only 5"11 damnit…8)

        • mir is gonna be sleeping by round 3. cormier simply brings confidence into the cage, you cant blame him for that. i think cormier is every bit as talented as jones, and the deciding factor in that fight will be who uses their body type better. dc is a master wrestler just based off credentials, and we all know he hangs with cain in practice, so im sure he can do the same with jon( im talking about the striking aspect). ive been on the hype train for a bit and dont plan on hopping off. ps: it was funny as hell when dc said if he gets a title shot he will probably levetate into the octagon on that night.

          • @ Kick

            First, if Mir makes it to round three he probably wins. Cormier should be able to put Mir away in round 1. If he can't, then maybe he won't. And I'd agree with your assessment of him bringing confidence into the cage and I do not blame him for it. It's one of the things I truly love about DC.

            Yes, he's a master wrestler, but this is not wrestling and Jones is a very dynamic fighter, who caries his own power. The most dynamic fighter Cormier will have ever faced. Can he hang with him? Sure, I have no doubt. However, the question will be can he beat him. No one else has and he's faced the best the sport has had to offer in his division. He's also very bright. I'm quite sure he'd show up with a game plan; as would DC, of course.

            In terms of him being more athletic that The Champ, I would have to disagree. I think John wins that one, going away. When I start seeing Cormier kicking like The Champ does, boxing guys in the face with his elbows or throwing leaping knees etc. I'll believe it. Cormier is a very, very, talented fellow, but it has yet to be proven that he's as athletic as Jones. My guess would be that JJ could do or learn to do everything and anything that DC could do, but I don't think DC could do all that Jones can do. My opinion, at any rate.

            No, not telling you to get off the hype train. There's no reason, to. Just saying that beating Mir if he does, is not going to be as easy as beating Jones.

  • I agree with everything except I want DC to win 😉