Silva vs. Stann Fight Video


The main event of last night’s UFC on Fuel TV 8, was a great one! After going back and forth Wanderlei Silva finished off Brian Stann with a second round KO.

Watch this Fox Sports Silva vs. Stann fight video to see Silva’s knockout, and stay tuned for more as LowKick continues its coverage of Saturday’s event.


  • Watching those two fight looked more like a wild pub fight….

    • Props to both guys for a crazy exciting fight, and def props to Stann for fighting Wand's fight even against his corners wishes he may of got the loss but giving us fans and Japan that style of fight even though it put him at more risk means more to me than sticking and moving try to point fight it out. It was just a matter of who connected first no loser in that fight imo.

  • Easily in the running for FOTY and my money for being the leading runner right now.

    Been some other good ones like Grice/Bermudez, Aldo/Edgar, Poirier/Swanson and some others I'm surely forgetting but what a war we had here.

    Wand shows he can still trade bombs with anyone! well… maybe not Vitor

    • While he can certainly trade bombs he'd surely get taken apart by a more technical striker. I was on edge watching him last night.

      It seemed like every time Stann touched his chin, it could be the last time anyone does so.

      Any of the top 5 MW would spank him.

      • Yeah, because Bisping and Cung Le aren't technical or anything…. WTF are you talking about. As for Wanderlei's chin, he never got floored, just staggered. Can't say the same for Stann falling flat on his face from one punch. Wanderlei is way more technical than people give him credit for.

        • It is because "technicall striker" means that you are good at avoiding the fight now a days…

          Wanderlei best days are over his speed is gone, but he is a technical striker, at least when he wants to be. Prime time Wanderlei would've KO Machida and must if the LHW division and for sure he would reign supreme in the MW division, he is a great athlete, he is just to old now.

      • Bryan, with respect, that was a load of Garbage!

    • Wow! Yeah – FOTY candidate for sure. Not technical but exciting!

    • @keith…although it happened back in December, the Jim miller vs Joe Lauzon fight was one of my favourites in most recent time.

      • @enjoy forgot that fight is counted as part of 2013's fights, good point!

  • I agree. Wand would get picked apart by a technical striker. Or anybody who is going to throw straight punches instead of those looping hooks. Wand has taken a lot of damage over his career his chin just isn't there, although he showed great recovery. But ask Chuck what happens when your body just says "no". None of the less is was great seeing Wand be so happy back in Japan.

  • This is not the fight video… its just some highlights… WTF?