POLL: Should Matt Brown Be Next In Line For A Title Shot?

  • Brown needs to fight top 5 first. Not top 15-20. I think Lawlor will destroy Brown if this fight happens. Like to see Diaz wake him up also.

    • Yesss….

    • Well he did just beat Mike Pyle and according to Matt Brown Mike Pyle would kick GSP's a s s so in a sense he has already beat the best in the division.

  • I like Brown. I'd call myself a fan and have been since his days on TUF, but a title-shot is right now or even after one more win, is ridiculous.

    Matt needs at least 2 top-ten wins to achieve that, IMO.

    As Entity noted, Robbie Lawler and Nick Diaz would be interesting scraps, heck Rory MacDonald, too; he'd certainly force Rory into a fight. Koscheck would also be a good fight for him.

    I like Matt and I would like to see him continue to win, but calling out GSP at this stage-of-the game is pretty funny and my guess would be, that the Champ would shut his *** down. He needs to cut-his-teeth on two top-tens and if he wins, sure.

    My guess is though, even if he gets there he won't be fighting GSP. I think the champ has plans for moving on and in the not-too-distant future.

  • All I know is that you can't keep giving Brown guys outside the top ten…He needs a big relevant name in the division next.

  • 6 fight winning streak and no top 5 matchup yet… Silva needs to get his mind straight and give him a Top 5 fighter, so we can see were he's REALLY at cause all B.S. aside with a 6 fight winning streak in the promotion he should be getting a f*cking titleshot by now…. they better get it right next time and give him the opportunity to position himself for that shot…. Destroying Pyle like that is no joke though! Matt is for real!

    • I have no idea how Brown didn't get a T-T fighter 2 fights ago. It is ridiculous and I'd love to hear Silva's explanation as to why.

  • D

    Hell no. People are talking about giving him a top 5 guy, but honestly that's a huge step up in competition. He hasn't fought anyone even in the top 15 in his win streak. Give him a guy toward the lower end of the top 10. He's not going to win that fight, and we can end the discussion there.

    • We'll see about that…… and if you're suggesting Pyle was not top 15, you're out of your mind!

      • D

        Well, you have the top 10, which clearly he's NOT in, so I would just have to add 5 fighters who are better than Pyle. I don't think you would have to be "out of your mind" to think that:

        Thiago Alves would KO him.
        Jake Shields would decision him easily.
        Erick Silva would beat him however he chose.
        Hector Lombard would KO him.
        Nate Marquardt would KO him.
        Dong Hyun Kim would decision him easily.
        Tyron Woodley would either KO or decision him.

        That's 7 guys in addition to the top 10 who I believe are better than Pyle, which would put him at #18. I like Pyle, I enjoy watching him fight, and I think he's a great fighter. He was on a little win streak, but his competition has been a notch below that of most of the guys I just listed. He's just not top 15 in the UFC at 170 right now.

        • D

          Oh, and Matt Brown (also not yet in the top 10) just wrecked him.


          There are 76 Welterweights in the UFC, so that's still a very respectable ranking. NOT top 15 though.

  • I think his win streak deserves it… considering the other person in line says he'll bever fight GSP talking about Rory… and if memory serves Dan Hardy got a title shot without beating any top 5 guys that list includes Josh koshchek, Matt Serra, Even Jon Fitch even though he was on a tear none of his opponents where ranked besides at the time Thiago Alves…

    • D

      Koscheck and Serra got their shots directly from the reality show. Brown doesn't have that going for him, and doesn't have the personality to pull it off.

      Fitch was on an 8 fight win streak, an included wins over TWO top ten guys (Diego Sanchez was also unarguably top 10 at the time Fitch beat him). Brown has ZERO top 10 wins.

      As for Hardy, he was on "only" a 4 fight winning streak at the time, but the last two of those wins came against Marcus Davis, who was 8-1 in the UFC at the time, and certainly considered top 10, and Mike Swick, who was 9-1 in the UFC at the time including 4-0 and was unarguably considered top 5 at the time. Brown does not have even one of that type of win. Hardy also has the type of personality to sell fights, which Brown lacks.

      The best comparison you gave there was Fitch, who like I said, had a win streak that was 2 fights longer than Brown's right now, and included two top 10 opponents. So using that blueprint, Brown is two top 10 wins away.

      • D

        I meant to say Mike Swick was 9-1 in the UFC including 4-0 at Welterweight.

  • Would like to see Rory Mac vs Brown.

    • that would be interesting alright and could be an upset stylistically to derail Rory.

  • Maia should get a shot next. End of.

  • If its a late replacement win over a top 5ish guy, than maybe.

    Outside of that he's at least 2 away. His best win is Pyle, and Pyle was only as high as 11 (and much more likely lower than that).

    I mean, does Matt Brown deserve to be ranked ahead of any of the following people?…


    • i agree with you apart from shields evan

      • D

        Shields is 3-1 against guys on that list. Pick something that makes sense to disagree on.

        • D

          Sorry 3-2. Didn't see GSP there. Still definitely deserving of his spot.

          • @mousasi, so Shields' 3-2 at WW is worth more than Brown's current six fight win streak?