POLL: Should GSP Give Johny Hendricks An Immediate Rematch?


There is a lot to be said about what went down at last night’s UFC 167, most of all; Johny Hendricks was unlucky to lose to Georges St-Pierre, but that is how it happened. In the wake of such a controversial bout, questions are being asked about the Champion’s will to fight on. Should GSP grant Johny Hendricks an immediate rematch?

  • I don't think a rematch is needed. Both guys fought like hell and someone had to lose. Don't leave it to the judges.

  • too soon to tell. let the steam go down a little.
    1- let the guy sort his things out.
    2- if hes 100 % and decide to fight again, yes hendricks needs the next title shot
    3. GSP dont give title shot, Dana does

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    Sure, it was close. However, lets see chicken bones rematch Gus first.

    • are you kidding me? you need to bring up Jones to look passed the fact the GSP just got the biggest gift in the UFC THIS YEAR. Jones Gus I had a definite 2 and 2 and 1 round was a toss up. I had Hendricks EASILY HANDILY winning 3 round and 1 a toss up with GSP winning 1 round

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        Nope, not kidding. Nor am I giving anyone a pass. I believe Gus' perceived victory was more apparent than JH's perceived victory. Both were close, and both deserve rematches.

        Isn't it ironic though that Dana has given chicken bones a 'he's the champ' type pass while he runs from Gus, yet throws GSP under the bus for needing a break. Got to be something more going on here.

        • Dana White said he personally believed Jones won that fight directly after. Fight Metrics also scored that fight for Jon Jones. Dana White and Fight Metric scored this for JH.

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            Dana says lots of things. Fight Metrics does not determine winners or losers, it's just a tool.

  • I think we need it to give it some time, but there really isn't anyone else for George to fight. The whole fight seemed off for me, and I can't decide wether Hendricks did really well, or if Georges didn't. I think that Hendricks' game plan countered Georges' really well and that's why the fight went the way it did

    • It's simple… Hendricks is the first guy George faced, that he could not outwrestle, which takes away 75% of his game. Hendricks nullified GSP's athletic ability, which is his strongest asset. He forced GSP to strike with him and clearly had a much stronger offence throughout the fight. He hurt GSP BAD a bunch of times. GSP was in trouble 20 out of 25 minutes and anyone with eyes could see that. In some fights, when you know it's close u can see why judges would swing the other way. This fight however was not even close. Hendricks took 1,2 and 4. 3 was GSP and 5 (which i personally gave to Hendricks as well) is arguably a toss up. I could see how a judge would give that to George, even if i disagree.

  • Forget a rematch. IMO, GSP should just give Hendricks the belt, because he won it.

  • It would be nice if there was a re-match. But if GSP has family stuff to take care of…well he owes nobody anything.

    In some way it doesn't matter. I think the vast majority realize Hendricks is the champ. The next title fight should have Hendricks in it. You can call it his first title defense or for the Interim strap. Either way he is the WW king.

    Now on the other hand…GSP looked lackluster…that could be because of the personal issues he is dealing with

  • Dana again shows what a ************* he is. He always speaks so great about GSP how he is a company man and is the nicest guy. The second GSP wants to do his own thing Dana throws him under the bus. GSP wants time off then just do an interim belt

    • agreed…Dana is a baby

    • That's not how the fight game works my friend… You either compete or you don't! There are no "breaks/semi-retirements"… and hold up the rest of the division. It's not fair to all the other fighters, with a dream to become the UFC champ. You either FIGHT or RETIRE period! You don't play with these fighters livelihood like that. If the belt is too much to handle for whatever the fucc' the reason may be, Retire and if he wants to make a comeback sooner or later, more power to him!

      • GSP is a millionaire…he could care less about the fight game…he seems to care about his life. He is retiring but did not want to rule out a comeback. If the belt is stripped I think he won't care.

        • He did not say he is retiring.. he was talking more like an extended "break" and you can't do that sh*t.. period!

  • I had a feeling a thread would be pulling a poll soon,,,,,,,"taking a pole"….I mean taking a poll.

  • Boy am I going to get "weaked" for this:

    I think Hendricks likely edged a win but I don't think it was a blowout. It was very close. On fight-metric you can see that rounds 1, 3 & 5 COULD have gone to GSP. I accept that they could have gone the other way as well. My point is NOT that GSP won but rather that it was razor close.

    Second point is this: you all know that GSP's face doesn't handle contact well. It was years ago that BJ Penn said the same thing in the octagon after their first fight – "take a look at Georges's face and tell me who won". After every fight he has an ice bag on his face.

    GSP was rocked a couple of times – if this was a street fight Hendricks wins (except I bet Georges can out run him). It is a sport – essentially a point game.

    It was VERY close. Hendricks won?? I can accept that. Was the match a blowout – no.

    • "My point is NOT that GSP won but rather that it was razor close."

      I respect your opinion, but the fight was not "razor close", Hendricks won the fight.

      "GSP was rocked a couple of times – if this was a street fight Hendricks wins (except I bet Georges can out run him). It is a sport – essentially a point game."

      Georges also should have lost in the Octagon.

    • Dana has spoken about the Nevada commission being the most disgraceful in the world. However, how do you overhaul how individuals see fights…I don't see any solution to the problem……Everything in judging becomes subjective….not all judges will score the same on control in the cage, damage inflicted, submission defence, when to give a 10/8 round….I don't see the problem going away.

  • Hendricks kicked his as. Gsp landed like 5 hard shots the whole fight. Of course Hendricks deserves a rematch. If gsp won decisively Dana wouldn't care about him walking away.

  • Immediate rematch? No. They should wait a day or two 😉

  • I think GSP was so dissapointed in his performance that he wants to give Hendricks belt in hands, then came Zahabi and said him "don't do that, don't be crazy, you won George, you won". Just my personal opinion.