POLL: Should Dominick Cruz Get An Immediate Title Shot When He Returns?


Former UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz has had the worst run of luck in recent MMA memory; ‘The Dominator’ was set to return from a two-year hiatus in early 2014, and waiting for him was interim boss Renan Barao. In stepped the injury curse, in the form of a groin tear, and Cruz was left with no option but to vacate his title.

Barao went on to win the battle for the vacant belt at UFC 169, as he TKO’d Urijah Faber in the first round of their second bout. Word is that Cruz is back in the gym, and UFC president Dana White spoke about ‘The Dominator’ at the UFC on Fox 11 media scrum, stating:

“If he wanted to fight Barao (when he returns) yeah, I’d do it. But Barao is one of those guys….Barao is so nasty. I’d fight somebody else, if it was me, personally.”

I highly doubt that Cruz is the type of guy to turn down the title shot because of the dangerous champion, so the fight is almost certain to happen eventually. Although, TJ Dillashaw could well be the champion by then. Either way, do you think that Cruz should get the immediate crack at the belt after such an absence from the game? I mean, it’s hardly like the bantamweight division is crammed with contenders…

Cruz ruled the division from his March 2010 championship win in the WEC, to his second UFC fight in October 2011, and is currently unbeaten in his last 10. Take a vote and let me know your thoughts.

  • In my opinion he deserves the shot… he was not beat, he was injured, so he should get an immediate shot at the title if he wants to.

  • Absolutely! After all, he was still champ when he got injured.

  • Ivy

    It wouldn't be in his best interest though. Such a long layoff, and then to face Barao. He'd likely be TKO'd in the first round. He may need a few tune up fights first.

    • True… but he's a champion at heart and with that champion mentality, he's always gonna be confident enough in himself to believe that he can beat Barao. So he'll take the fight!

  • 17 Voted no, but none motivated that choice with a comment. I would like to know why y'all think he shouldn't get an immediate shot. Just curious………

  • Well if you look at it, Raphael Assuncao is the next logical choice for a title contender. He's been on fire and would have had the shot at UFC 173 if not for an injured rib.

    He's won six in a row but with four decisions. Cruz isn't exactly a ruthless finisher, but his level of competition was higher than Assuncao's. If Cruz wants the shot right away, I say give it to him.

    Might not be the wiser choice coming back with that insane amount of cage rust, but he's a tough competitor. I doubt he has a shot at Barao, but then again, no one does really.

  • He certainly deserves it but I agree with Dana when he questions whether or not that's a wise decision for Cruz.

  • He should get a title a shot, however he's been injured so long I think it's unfair to expect him to able just to come back hit the ground running. I wanna see him get back to his best, he'd be better off having at least two fights before getting a title shot. These last few years must have been a huge strain on him psychology, a loss to Barao in a return fight could set him back mentality and I think it's an unnecessary risk.


  • Hmmm.. now we have 68 Naysayers. None of which motivates it with a comment.. Lol
    So i guess it's safe to assume, they have no motivation but hatred and stupidity. 😀

  • He should absolutely get the option to get a direct title fight, but if I were him, I wouldn't accept it. He will have been out for 2.5-3 years by the time he fights, why waste it on a guy who's been healthy & destroying every opponent for the last 2.5-3 years?!? Cruz will have MAJOR & I mean MAJOR ring rust, to the point that he jsut might need 2 fights to get all that rust off of him.

    Get a "warm" up fight & if and when he wins, he should fight a top 10 & then if he wins & he should, then take the title fight. Wouldn't be smart to take one after being away for nearly 3 years. If he had to fight Faber, then maybe he could risk it, but not Barao!