POLL: Should Alexander Gustafsson Or Daniel Cormier Have The Next Shot At Jon Jones?


The media storm surrounding the UFC light-heavyweight division right now is a busy and controversial one; the champion Jon Jones seems intent on getting a scrap with Daniel Cormier, than he does on granting the number one contender his chance. I am of course talking about Alexander Gustafsson, whom Jones had faced for a thrilling five rounds at UFC 165 last year.

The Swedish ‘Mauler’ has been making his case in and out of the octagon for a rematch with ‘Bones’, but Jones has publicly stated his interest in a fight with surging contender DC. UFC president Dana White had his say on the situation.

The debate has only been going for a week or so, but the result has shown that there are some fans harbouring ill will for the champion at 205. ‘Bones’ has come under a fair share of criticism for what some are calling ‘ducking’ Gustafsson. The bout at 165 was very close, and the Swede stayed active by knocking out Jimi Manuwa in March.

It seems as though Jones may not have a say in this one after all, whether he likes it or not, but do you think that is right? Should he be able to make his own order of contenders, or should he stick to being a fighter and let Joe Silva do the matchmaking? With that in mind, who do you think deserves the next shot at Jones?

  • Gus already has the next shot so for that reason he should keep it.

  • Gus first and Cormier gets the winner.

  • doesn't matter all of these three guys will fight each other eventually. Its just a matter of when. The only person who could break into this tier of fighter is Shad. Maybe Teixera beats Gus or Cormier someday and re-inserts himself into to the title picture…but otherwise it doesn't matter.

  • I want DC but I believe Gus beat him last time. I do however believe Gus will be defeated this time around.

    • Jones is creative enough that he will change more than Gus for the next fight. You might just be right!

  • Ok, Gus was the next one in line to get another shot/rematch and that should be honored and yes Gus gave Jones the best challenge of his career thus far and Gus has the blueprint and style to make their next match-very entertaining but Jones straight up won that fight 3-2, close fight but Jones won convincingly in my eyes. Gus beat Jimi Manuwa? Ummm whose he? I don't think beating that dude warrants a title shot. Manuwa is lucky if he's a Top 15 LHW at best. Gus beat Shogun but he's not in the Top 10 and he's been fading for sometime now. I don't think Gus has faced enough notable fighters in his career let alone faced anyone of significance after facing Jones. So Gus is ranked #1 contender? personally I struggle with that notion.

    Ok now on to Cormier… Big Foot, Barnett, Big Country, Mir and Hendo and DC is 15-0? I think it's a no brainer who deserves it more.

    Gus was guaranteed the next shot and I think the UFC needs to honor that just because it was offered to him. But… I believe DC is the true #1 contender… the writing is on the wall.

    • I think if you are an employee of a company which isn't unionized then you don't have the choice to pick and choose what you want to do. Jones was told he has to fight Gus… that means Jones HAS to fight Gus. Does not matter if you are the champ or not. Face who you were told to face… That`s it!

      But I do wish that the UFC wasn`t so quick to give Gus a rematch. My name is not Joe Silva for a reason I guess. 😮