Should of stuck with baseball…


#4 : Jose Canseco

 462 Homeruns, 4 time Silver Slugger, 3 Time AL outfielder, and a designated hitter…definately a great base for starting MMA. Jose Canseco joined MMA to show the world he was a real fighter and to make a serious run in the UFC. Well, who better to help legitimize ur career than Hong Man Choi! xD Oh yea gonna make waves in the P4P rankings. So Jose got invited to fight at the prestigious DREAM Super Hulk Grand Prix against Choi in a 1 round war that left Jose in the fetal position tapping out. The only thing this designated hitter landed was a taekwondo side kick… catchers mitts and mma gloves are 2 diff things bring ur bat next time. Sorry Jose but were not gonna get you and Jose Aldo confused anyti…ever


# 3 : Mariusz Pudzianowski

 Admit it…this made u raise ur eyebrows. World’s Strongest Man in MMA, kinda sounds right. After all ppl have come from worse backgrounds ( ^ ). He’s big, he’s got lots of veins, and he…”punches like a girl” – Eric Esch. Pudz’s 1st somewhat relevent opponent came to him in the form of Tim Sylvia, he lost that fight after turning blue, purple, red, etc…and falling over. Roid muscle doesn’t make for good cardio…please note. But did rainbow bright stop there? No, he went on to lose to another somewhat relevent fighter in James Thompson. Funny thing is he tried to coin his own phrase like fellow Eastern European Mirko Cro Cop. “The left hand brings death, but the right one even I am afraid of” Ooo scary. Stick to power bars and dumbbells Pussyowski.


#2 : Bobby Lashley

 Yes I know this is about ppl that came from different “sports”. However Bobby deserves a spot on this list. After impressive outings against household names like Bob Sapp and Wes Sims, Bobby finally fought someone who actually cared about their career, Chad Griggs. After getting hit once Bobby Brocked out and lost. Bobby couldn’t answer the call for the 3rd round, thus tko for chad. I believe Lashley announced his retirement after this…But it was a premature choice. Good thing cuzz if he did retire we wouldn’t have been blessed with TITAN FC 17!!! Lashley vs Ott!!! A very impressive 1st half of the 1st round for Bobby.


#1 : James Toney

  “It’s MMA not M&M’s, UFC not KFC.” To quote Jim Rome. In all fairness Toney is the only boxer to “Sack up, put his balls on the line and kick somebody’s azz” To quote Josh Koscheck. Props 4 that, just be happy it wasn’t Thiago Silva who would of made a few albums by playing the drums on ur belly.


( thx for reading bro’s xD and no disrespect to any of the mentioned athletes all in good fun, and thx to lowkick ) 

  • Njoy the read bro’s

  • just be happy it wasn’t Thiago Silva who would of made a few albums by playing the drums on ur belly


  • Funny stuff, especially the Canseco fiasco when he entered MMA. I still have slim hopes for Lashley, but not much.

  • taz

    out of all of these guys i think Lashley has the best chance at being a good MMA fighter, he just needs to lose some of his muscle and work on his cardio and obviously still work on his stand up game, but i don’t see it happening.