Shane Carwin officially retires from Mixed Martial Arts


Well it seems like the former heavyweight interim-champion has officially decided to hang’em up.

After suffering what must have been two very long and frustrating years out of action due to various injuries and rehab, Shane Carwin has officially retired via his twitter account:

Carwin was considered one of MMA’s very best heavyweights just a couple of years ago. Banging off 8 consecutive victories, all of which he ended in the very first round, he seemed to make enough of a statement in the division for the UFC to give him a look.

Carwin then destroyed 4 more opponents including two of the divisions elite at the time in Gabriel Gonzaga and Frank Mir, finishing them all yet again within the very first round.

Carwin was finally given his opportunity to fight Brock Lesnar for the belt, a fight which he completely dominated and almost finished until his body seized up in the second round allowing Lesnar to catch him in an arm triangle submission.

Carwin then suffered two serious back to back injuries that have left him out of the sport ever since his last loss to Junior dos Santos in June of 2011. With the combination of injuries and his ever increasing age of 38, it seems his body is no longer able to restore itself to the shape it once was that saw him flattening all opponents with little effort and tremendous power.

If there has ever been a retirement that is truly disappointing to see it’s this one. I was a big fan of Carwin, he had the potential to be one of the greatest heavyweights of all time. With that said I wish him all the best in his future endeavours and hope to see him still working around MMA and the UFC in some capacity.

Were you not entertained?

  • 38!?! Ya its time. He's a very smart guy and has a great full time job. He doesn't need to do this anymore. However, its sad to see him gone. The HW is starting to grow and get exciting and Carwin would be a crazy wild card in the mix today.

    Either way, i hope he has a happy life and thanks for the memories!

    • Anderson Silva is 38… But he hasn't faced any really debilitating injuries at his age. Still, age doesn't have to be a factor in this sport I mean just ask Randy Couture.

      • Age does have to be a factor in this sport, just like any sport.

        There just happens to be a few guys, who happen to be some of the greatest ever, that sometimes aren't applied to the rule

  • sad day for mma 🙁

  • Carwin was a stand out guy for the UFC. tough, smart, cool, and a beast. Be interesting to see whether he sticks around the sport in any capacity


  • What a shame, if only he got in the ufc earlier and didn't get in to all that back trouble he could have put on a bunch more great fights.

  • Carwins steroid use is well known which quite often can lead to back problems. Besides that I guess I never saw anything impressive with him apart from his ko power. After Cain exploded onto the scene and JDS was no longer ignored in the UFC there was only really two HW's worth talking about. Aside from them and prior to them all the best HW's were outside of the UFC.

    Didn't really want to bash this much but I just have so little respect for guys like Carwin, Overeem, Vitor, Chael, Lesnar etc.

    • If you mean little respect for those guys who did roids (btw doubt Lesnar did any while in MMA) they are actually some of the good guys.
      They got cheating once or twice but even thought that is shockingly bad, they can regret past decisions and have a change of character.

      At the end of the day I have big respect for anyone who steps in the cage, especially guys who stay at the top.
      And who's to say their opponent's weren't cheating?

  • This man made Brock feel the pain for the first time.

    I wish him good health and a happy life.