The Seven Biggest Statements Recently Made In The UFC


The strength of a statement is determined by a multitude of factors, such as whom you are making the statement to, why you are making a statement and how you make it. There have been upsets, changes, and acts of annihilation all impressive for different reasons. Here are seven people who have made some of the biggest statements recently.

Here are The Seven Biggest Statements Recently Made In The UFC:

  • james

    He do should be at least still gatekeeper caliber.

  • grandslam

    You guys are just pushing the agenda with Weidman in the list. To act sloppy and get slapped silly is hardly a statement. Vitor may be a black belt, but he looked half of Weidman in the Octagon.

    Further, Weidman was getting hammered by Machida in the later rounds. The only statement that Weidman ever made was that he has a durable chin and has been very lucky. Rest of the statements have been developed by our very “unbiased” American MMA journalists.

    • Space

      You’re a moron.

      • grandslam

        I heard you broke you foot while training?