Satoshi Ishii facing possible retirement following loss to Fedor


When Satoshi Ishii stepped into the ring on New Year’s Eve to face Fedor Emelianenko on the 2011 Dream Fight For Japan fight card it was only his seventh professional MMA bout and if reports are correct it may very well have been his last.

Ishii lasted 2:29 with Fedor before he was knocked out. Reports from the Japanese publication Cyzo (via have doctor’s informing Ishii that he suffered a cerebral edema during the fight and any further blows to the head would cause serious damage.

Ishii took home an Olympic gold medal in 2008 in Judo; in 2011 he was also a gold medal winner at the 2011 United States Championship.

If Ishii is forced to retire due to his injury, he will do so with a 4-2-1 professional record.

  • That is some bad news if correct. Retiring because of an injury must be tough, unless you are Rocky.

  • good luck Satoshi Ishii, that is crazy, the KO didn’t even seem that bad

  • Ya that’s too bad, he certainly had a promising career ahead of him. Thankfully they caught it though, that sort of thing could have been the first high profile death in mma if left unchecked

  • It was bad. I think he shouldn’t retire at all he is so young. He just took fight that he shouldn’t of taken. He was just too inexperienced. He should fight some cans and build his way up and then fight better guys.

  • Seems like Fedor still hits hard!

  • Thank God that they caught it. Sucks that he has to retire, better than being dead.

  • Fedor kicks ass.

    Now when you are reading this article , you must ackknowledge the Power in Fedor’s hand .
    He caused serious damages on someone who havent even fought that much in mma before.
    You have to respect that .
    Fighting Fedor may be harmful for one’s health.

    However lets hope Satoshii make the wise choice and retire, it would be bad to see this top fighter ,getting knocked out again and again ,then finish in a vegetable state in a hospital. It must be very hard time for him :S

  • Yeah, why retire when you can rack up some monies so you cannot use it while sipping blended steak.

  • M-1 says ” He caused serious damages on someone who havent even fought that much in mma before.You have to respect that . “
    That makes zero sense. I would have more respect for a guy who smashes a well rounded seasoned fighter, not some guy with no clue how to really fight.
    You Fedor love is blinding you.
    I still wonder how the hell Fedor got so hyped up over the years and then loses to Werdum and Bigfoot…2 of the most voted least likely to do it.

  • I dont think you read the article….refer to DropKickMurphy’s reply below for a better response.

  • He shouldn’t have even been in the ring with Fedor or any pro HW MMA fighter. This guy was sold down the river by “yes” men who wanted to see a payday. Im sure they made him feel like he could do it. After Ishi felt Fedor’s first strike he knew he was in trouble.

  • dont forget about Hendo…. BAM

  • I am sorry to hear that. It did not seem that brutal in the fight. Fedor never jumps on a fallen competitor and never needs to be stopped by the judge. There is, however, an inherent risk in this kind of sport.

  • We don’t really know if Fedor caused the problem. That problem could have been there beforehand, it just happens so that Fedor was the last fight, if it wasn’t Fedor it would have been somebody else. I don’t know how they do post fight medicals in Japan, is it same if you win/lose/TKO/sub medical or different. Imagine if they had a different post medical exam depending on loss/win. He could have fought for years while the problem consists.

  • What I meaned is that because the guy didnt fight in MMA that much , he didnt take that much punishement ,like some fighters (wanderlei ..lideel…) So he was supposed to still have a “strong and solid ” head , and Fedor has that much power that he still managed to retire the guy . 🙂

  • this sort of injury is nothing to do with the power of anyones hands, if you take blows to the head you take risks, satoshis head isnt made for the job

  • Ishii ouldnt be training as much muay thai for his striking base, he really should find himself a good boxing coach. He should get his hands up, and then eventully add more strikes to his arsenal. He can’t really punch, that leaves him with ONLY judo.

  • In 10 years time there will be fighters in wheelchairs who decided to retire one fight too late.

    As exciting as this sport is, it will eventually catch up to you if you hang around too long.

    Good decision to retire