Ryan Bader Knows Mental Errors Lead To UFN 28 Loss


UFC Light Heavyweight Ryan Bader has a golden opportunity within his grasp at last night’s UFC Fight Night 28 main event against Glover Teixeira. Putting the Brazilian slugger in much more danger than we’d previously seen him, Bader nearly pulled off a huge upset.

Instead, he got knocked out, and it due to his fatal flaw of rushing in unguarded, similar to his loss to Lyoto Machida at UFC on Fox 4. Seeming to stun Teixeira with his boxing, Bader left an opening for a counter when he looked to swarm. ‘Darth’ also may have erred when he jumped into an early guillotine that cost him precious positioning. He knows what he did wrong, and detailed his mistakes after the fight:

“I was a little too aggressive. I wasn’t staying tight, and I got caught with a right hand and a left hook, and that was it. I just got a little over-aggressive and tried to jump on the choke. I got back up and ended up kind of rocking him again, and it was the same thing. I felt good tonight. I made some mistakes, mental errors, and for me it’s just going back and getting better. In this sport, you come up real quick and you go down quick, but it was a big fight for me and I’m right back where I want to be.”

Bader says he felt good at UFN 28, and indeed he looked good as well, at least for a time. His striking was crisp and he was moving well. But he’s going to need to shore up the holes in his game, mainly his over-aggression that lead to him going for the choke and charging in foolishly. At least he knows what he did wrong so he can correct his errors.

He’s got the talent to be a Top-10 UFC Light Heavyweight, there’s no doubt about that, but he seems to be getting in his own way. ‘Darth’ has a ton of power, athleticism, and technique. Problem is, he doesn’t always stay calm enough to use it. Hopefully he can return to form by addressing his issues, because he could be of the best. For now, he’ll be wondering if he will even fight a ranked fighter in his next bout.

  • Too many Mental Errors also leads you to BELLATOR….& take Brandon "no terror" Vera with ya pimp daddy.

    • HATE, Brandon Vera is going to be the FIRST UFC fighter to hold both the LHW and HW belts…..he said it himself, and it's only a matter of time….. XD

  • I thought Bader was winning the fight, until he got caught. He stood right in front of Teixeira and swung at him, and without mixing it up or using any head or lateral movement. He knew he was doing well, I think he got caught up in the moment and left himself open. Jon Jones would never make that mistake and certainly not with a 8.5 inch reach advantage.

    All-in-all, I was happy with Bader's performance. Had he been more careful and balanced in his attack, he might have won. Teixeira didn't blow Bader out of the water, that's for sure.

  • ian

    IMO Teixeira never really fought a legit top 5 at 205.

    • D

      You can get rid of the "IMO". What you're saying is an indisputable fact.

  • Lol….. If texira has better grappling as Jon Jones says then he's NOTHING Like Rampage. Let's not forget texira actually took Bader down for a moment and Bader is an excellent wrestler.

  • I thought the pic was brock lesnar…..that's a terrible pic taken in the dark!

  • Mental errors are the story of my entire life.

  • Zip

    No Ryan, you will never get better if you are referring to winning fights. You must find the heart to fight while stunned rather than simply giving up.

    • Zip! How are ya, buddy? Hope all is well down on the farm.