Report: Conor McGregor & Floyd Mayweather Reach Bout Agreement For Boxing Superfight


After almost an entire year of hype, ‘The Notorious’ vs. ‘Money’ could actually be extremely close to happening.

A report surfaced from UK news outlet The Sun revealing that McGregor and his associates have agreed upon the terms of the deal and now all that remains is to officially sign the contract with a third-party issue (being the UFC) the last hold-up to making the long-proposed super fight happen.

The dollar amount has apparently been set and agreed upon:

“Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather have agreed a deal to fight and have both settled on their respective fees.

“The contract hasn’t officially been signed yet because of a third party hold-up but all the details have all been agreed on.

“The fight could even be announced within two weeks.”

Adding fuel to what is certainly to become a fire, ESPN’s Brett Okamoto also reported Mayweather had informed his network colleague Stephen A. Smith that the fight was “very, very close” to being signed. Okamoto also confirmed there were real discussions ongoing with the NSAC:

The two sides have gone back-and-forth in the media over the past couple months, with Mayweather initially offering McGregor a paltry $15 million before Dana White offered them both $25 million plus pay-per-view (PPV) points to throw down in what could most certainly be the biggest combat sports bout of all-time.

McGregor recently made headlines by canceling an event in his hometown of Dublin, instead flying to Las Vegas to clear up his business with the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) for his now-infamous UFC 202 bottle-throwing incident with arch rival Nate Diaz and his ‘Skrap Pack.’

He’ll film an anti-bullying video as part of his consequences, and while in Vegas, his team will reportedly continue working towards getting the super fight with Mayweather worked out.

Will this onetime far-off possibility become reality in Las Vegas soon?

  • RayFromDa Bay

    Oh Man I Can’t Wait!!! I love partying in Vegas when Floyd fights.

  • McGraw

    This confirms he’s ducking the top lightweights to have a boxing match with a guy way out of his prime.

  • Murderous1

    I hope it’s real so he can lose and laugh all the way to the bank as all his fans will be crushed I will be there hopefully I can get one of his heartbroken fans in the ring at a local gym

    • leonaidis

      Are you a bully??? Why would you want somebody that knows jack shit about fighting in the ring??? You might as well try to be a big man by saying “man I’d like to fight a bunch of nuns”. There is no honor or challenge in that.

      • Murderous1

        At what point did I say I want to challenge a untrained fighter and why would an untrained fighter accept that challenge I have always agreed with all of Your comments I just love all parts of the action

        • leonaidis

          Yeah, but come on calling out a Conor fan to fight??? That’s just picking on the weak, heartbroken or not, anybody that knows anything about fighting isn’t a fan of Conor.

          • Murderous1

            It’s not that serious sometimes I talk facts other times I like baiting McChicken fans to get all worked up and respond for my personal entertainment I don’t even understand why you would reply

          • leonaidis

            Ok, you haven’t gotten it yet. I hate spelling it out, but I feel I have to because you think I’m making fun of you. I’m not, I’m baiting McG fans. I don’t think there’s a McG fan out there that knows anything about fighting, little less knows how to fight, or would have the balls to step in a ring.

  • leonaidis

    from what I heard from Ireland Mayweather and McGregor both have signed the contract. But the ufc is “the third party” holding it up. Looks like they’ll have to go to court before the ufc let’s him fight outside the promotion. So it could be a while before this happens.

    But I’m glad to say the second part of the rumor. Seems like we wont be seeing Conor fighting after this fight, he’ll be retiring after he milked all he can from his ignorant fans. Both he, and the ufc, knows he has no future in the promotion with out it’s protection.

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    Well there nothing but more money to be made for UFC to co-operate with this

    And as far as any impact on conny’s MMA career if he looses, conny’s biggest success so far has been as a spectacle fighter He’s doesn’t seem all that interested in climbing the ranks or defending belts or all that old fashiony stuff, so it shouldn’t really effect what he’s selling

    If he loses he can still talk up a storm and fight anderson silva or cm punk next year

  • bananaboy

    well this is the end i dont think this clown ever gonna come back to ufc anymore bye

  • McGraw

    He’ll gas out after two rounds.

  • Murderous1

    Now Tony and Khabib can fight for the real belt