Roy Nelson: We already know who the best coach is


In a post-fight video courtesy of FuelTV, UFC Heavyweight Roy Nelson talks about his convincing victory over Matt Mitrione at the TUF finale this weekend. He discussed that any rivalry with Shane Carwin is now over, and that he already knows that he is the best coach since his fighter Colton Smith won the show on Saturday. The always vocal Nelson also offers his prediction for the huge Heavyweight title bout at UFC 155 between Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos.

  • When the frig will Carwin finally be healthy? He's like Pig-Pen. It's as if he's got a dark cloud following him around every where he goes. Injury after injury. I'd love to see him healthy and back in the division. If he ever puts his health together with some decent cardio, The Engineer could one day hold the belt. Man, we haven't seen him in the ring since June of 2011. I feel for the guy.

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      Considering the way JDS beat him and the fact that he's already 37, there is no belt in his future.

      • Regarding JDS, Shane "could / can" beat him. One could never rule that out. He can beat any man in the HW division. Just not every time.

        His age, in terms of a run at the belt, is not a determining factor, here. He has more than enough age left in him to string together the three or four wins it would take to garner a title shot. Also, he's not your average 37 year old. He's more Randy Couture than Randy Newman.

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          If you look at Carwin's record, you will see that he has fought one time in the last two and a half years. That will be close to three years at least by the time he comes back from the latest injury. If you look at "The Natural's" record, you will see that he never had similar injury issues. He never came close to missing that much time, not even when he "retired" the first time.

          Carwin's has had problems with his neck, back and knees… Those are most likely old football injuries. Carwin played college football, which Couture did not. Football, at any level, is hard on your body in ways that wrestling and MMA are not. I know plenty of 30-something year olds who have lingering injuries just from high school football…. Carwin played another 4 years at a much higher level. Randy Couture, he's not. I'd be surprised if he has more than 4 fights left in him.

    • He missed his chance when he had brock rocked carwin has little cardio and is getting old! He will not hold the belt

      • This is mma! Everything is possible that why you and me are watching it!

  • Nelson has great jujitsu and a serious chin.

    Cain Velasquez got dropped with 1 single overhand right. Nelson took about 1000 of those during his fight with dos santos and still couldnt be stopped…Got to respect big country.

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    Nelson's beerd sofen many blows ha!

  • Yea we do know Roy….. and it obviously wasn't you

  • Nelson was one of the worst coaches in TUF history. Probably up there with Shamrock

  • funny how ppl count carwin out because of his age…look at randy couture and dan henderson, anderson silva there older and kicking ass.(apart from randy who is now obviously retired but won at an older age) think it helps if there more wrestling based cos reflexes are not such a factor.

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