Roy Nelson Talks King Mo Lawal, Rematch With Daniel Cormier


Roy Nelson is riding a two fight-losing streak in the UFC Heavyweight division, most recently losing a lopsided decision against Daniel Cormier at UFC 166. ‘Big Country’ was lining himself up for title contention after going on a three-fight KO streak between 2012/13, but fell terribly short against a rebounding Stipe Miocic at UFC 161.

Winner of TUF: Heavyweights and owner of four KOTN bonuses, Nelson has often got on the wrong side of his employers at Zuffa; Dana White in particular. The two share a hate-hate relationship that can, at times, seem quite comical.

Nelson’s latest comments to FightHubTV will probably fall on deaf ears, especially given the rocky relationship with DW. It turns out Nelson would like a rematch with DC, though it will probably be hard to come by now that Cormier is targeting the UFC’s 205lb. division.

Check out the full video below and stay tuned to Lowkick!

  • Really Roy? When will you stop being so arrogant? You hit Cormier like three times and you know he's going down to 205 and you think he has time to kick your *** again? Come on

    • Ivy

      I think he only said he'd be interested if it was offered to him…he also said he's willing to rematch anyone he's ever lost to. That's a fighting spirit.

      • Ya well knowing Roy, he probably thinks he'd destroy Cormier in a rematch, just like he thought he would in the first fight

    • Nelson should be talking boycotting In-N-Out Burger and getting in shape if he he is to have a shot at that strap!

  • Leg kicks are busy work?

  • DC is not interested in a rematch. He's moving on (up)

  • Dana is correct………….Roy is dumb