Roy Nelson Says Fight With Daniel Cormier Makes No Sense Unless It’s At 205lbs.


Since Roy Nelson‘s impressive knockout of Cheick Kongo this past Saturday, many of us have been speculating on who ‘Big Country’ should face next. One name that has sprung to mind is Daniel Cormier, the undefeated heavyweight extended his win streak to 12 with his decision victory over Frank Mir at UFC on Fox: Henderson vs. Melendez. The former Strikeforce boss has even expressed his interest in the fight over twitter.

It would seem like a match up that makes sense, but Nelson feels differently. Check out his interview with Bloody Elbow:

“As far Daniel (Cormier), I think the reason Mike, my manger, said anything about Daniel, is because he’s supposed be getting an immediate title shot at 205. If he’s going down to 205, it doesn’t really make any sense to fight him, unless we’re going to fight for a 205 contendership. Then hey, we can do that, too.”

Now ‘Big Country’ does have a point, although I would love to see him and DC go to war. Nelson continued:

“You know, I think in our sport, there’s a couple guys that get to fight everybody like three or four times, and I’m one of those guys, I guess, that get’s to fight everybody once. Like, I’ve been trying to fight Big Nog since after the Junior dos Santos fight, and that was two years ago. I’m all about the big fights. That’s why I think a fight with Big Nog would be great.”

Now, I never thought of Big Nog vs. Nelson. That would be an interesting match up between two guys with great BJJ and also slick stand up. What does everyone else think? Should Nelson square off against DC, or would his proposal of a fight against Nogueira make more sense? If Nelson did make 205 do you think he could make a run at the title? Stay tuned to Lowkick!


  • What?

    • DC cant make 205 and so is nelson, what the heck, if DC wont it for a month the i think he can make it to 205 while Nelson, i think 1 year. Another fighters playing dumb again just like patrick star.

    • Roy always has to make everything an issue, like his mission is to
      be a pain in the *** as much as possible….when was his last fight at 205
      he fights heavy weight they both do WHY would the go to 205 ,…… Roy
      would miss weight on purpose,. what did he weigh last week

      • i think nelson vs butter bean is a very good match up, also dc vs butter bean.

    • Nogueira stand-up isn't exactly what you would call "slick"?!

  • How does Big Nog make more sense than Cormier? that can't be serious… Cormier is undefeated, won the Strikeforce grand prix (Beating the guy fighting for the Belt next, and no slouch AT ALL in Josh Barnett), and just beat Mir very decisively (kind of boring). Big Nog's name may be bigger in the HW division currently than Cormier who is new to UFC fans (not MMA fans) but Cormier is definitely ranked higher and would be the better fighter to be if you're looking toward a title shot. Never thought I'd say this about Big country but it sounds like he's looking for a way out of the Cormier hype

  • Not sure if this is a misquote, joke or what but this is incredibly stupid if he is being serious.

    Roy has been asking for a title shot after every win lately so he would jeopardise his run at heavyweight for 205 contendership (which would be much harder to get)?

    Ahwell doesn't really matter, I don't believe Nelson would lose the weight, he would have benefited greatly from doing it ages ago, I don't think he will completely change his ways here.

    • not sure if anone noticed but nelson was actually heavier against kongo he went from 246 to 258, how the hell did he put on 12 pounds haha

  • Roy believes he is something like a fat Fedor, but he actually sounds like he got hit in the head way to often.

  • It makes sense because he wants to fight for the title. So obviously he wants his next fight to count towards title contendership. I'm sure he has thought about fighting Daniel and doesn't want to take such a hard fight with someone who is dropping down to ligh-heavyweight. Although, even if Daniel is to drop classes after, the fight should clearly count towards a title. Yet, it is quite ironic that two of the most over weight guys in the UFC are getting picky about weight. Lol. This whole thing is a bust!

    • @Alvarez if nelson is talking zbout a title shot in the future then his gonna have to take some really hard fights- JDS, Cain, Silva, Browne etc all pose a big threat to Nelson. I personally think a fight against Cormier would be awesome, but I don't think country is scared to fight him

  • If he doesn't get the fight with DC I think the best match ups for Roy would be either Browne or Overeem. I would like to see DC fight Browne and Roy fight Overeem.

  • @Rory…..Cormier's name is bigger in the sport right now than bog nog. I see this as the better fight for Roy Nelson.

    Cormier needs to drop weight now and make a challenge for bones or agree to fight Velasquez….he needs to get a title shot sooner rather than later before injuries, age or some other factor find him first.

    Cormier has talent but it seems that he is letting his team mate dictate the terms of his future by sitting idle. He needs to do what bones has done in relation to rashad. just fight and take the prize. Cormier is an plympian, he needs to pursue the title like a mad dog

  • @Rory. Yeah, I'm not saying BC is scared to fight DC but he may not want to take the fight unless he knows the fight will count towards title contention regardless of what Daniel plans to do among the divisions.

  • Ok, is it me? or does that come across like Roy is ducking Dan?