Roy Nelson explains his recent hot streak


Roy ‘Big Country’ Nelson appears on “Inside MMA” to address his recent hot streak, explaining that he’s reinvested the money he’s won from fight night bonuses into his training camp. Nelson has always been regarded as talented, but the knock on him was always preparation. It appears that he’s righted that ship and looks to continue his wave of momentum.

Nelson states that he although he’s been rumored to fight Daniel Cormier, the only fighters on his radar are Cain Velasquez and Bigfoot Silva. Nelson will be primed for a big fight in his next bout. Will he be fighting for the UFC Heavyweight title soon?

  • Is he the #1 contender or is it the winner of Dos Santos/Hunt?

    • I'd say if Hunt wins, yes. If JDS wins, no.

      • I agree, Werdum deserves a shot before Nelson especially given the way he beat down Nelson barely over a year ago. Nelson is one of my favorite fighters to watch but I don't understand why everyone is acting like he's all of a sudden a threat to the top HWs in the world. He's beaten Cheick Kongo that may be past his prime and never was a top HW, a still developing Matt Mitrione and an average Dave Herman. None of those performances have shown anything that suggests he can hang with the likes of Cain, JDS, Werdum or even Mir right now.

    • It is pretty much a guarantee the winner of JDS/Hunt gets the the title shot.

      Unless something weird happens (injury etc.) JDS will definitely get it and Hunt will unless he is matched up with Roy Nelson.
      This is what Dana has said lately anyway

  • He's been on a hot streak because he has fought two middle tier fighters and a lower upper tier fighter who is highly susceptible to being KOd by heavy hitters. I really don't understand why he is in the conversation for anything more that a #1 contender fight. Truth be told I think he is one top ten fight from a #1 contender fight still. If he can beat Alistair or Big Foot or someone like that ten let him fight for the #1 contender slot.

    • AGREE.

      His ast 3 wins have been visually impressive but when you think about it, Dave Herman, Mat Mitrione and Chieck Kongo are good fighters but when they fought Nelson they were no where near top 10… nothing wrong with that but a streak against that sort of competition should not lead to title shot talks.

      Give him someone like Travis Browne, we need to see Roy against a top 10 to tell if he has actually improved, since his last 3 top 10 fights were him getting destroyed.

  • I think he needs another fight and another win and it needs to be against a ranked fighter, coming off of a win. Cormier or Werdum would be fighters who come to mind.

    • Not sure if you like the idea or just totally blanked on it but Nelson fought Werdum not too long ago (I actually watched the fight yesterday, one of the fights on "UFC select") and it was the worst beating Roy has taken in the UFC.

  • and he stopped visiting fastfood restaurants and now makes his own burgers straight from the farmer. Good nutritions make good fighters!!! 🙂

  • I have begged Roy to drop to 205 (we are buds you see and buds do that) and train at Tristar could you imagine if he had a GSP style gymnastic strength and cond. program, it makes me weep.

  • herman has yet to prove if he is even worthy of being in the promotion, mitrione is a top 15 at best and kongo has been on a very apparent steady decline. Id like to see nelson put up 2 top ten wins before talking about him being in the picture as far a title fight.

  • I love watching his fights but honestly I have no interest in Roy's HW potential, he doesn't have much. A top 10 heavyweight will always give Roy fits and usually beat him to hell for 15 minutes.
    At 205 and even under that, he has incredible potential.

    Having some of the best power punching at 205, imagine what he would do to 205 pound fighters, especially since he will be in better shape and probably have more speed behind the punch.