Roy Nelson Applies For NSAC Executive Position, Dana White Is Not Impressed


The age old feud between Dana White and Roy Nelson continues to make headlines, this time the beef is regarding Nelson’s recent application for the vacant position of NSAC commissioner. The post was made vacant by Keith Kizer after a year of debatable and down right outrageous decisions and officiating.

‘Big Country’ has got on the wrong side of the UFC president many times in the past, and White’s response this time around is a typical ‘Baldfather’ tirade. Check out what he had to say at a Monday media presser:

“What a f——- moron, Let me tell you what, if he puts in an application at f——- Kinko’s, he isn’t getting that job. Let alone the Nevada state athletic commission. I’ve got nothing,” White said. “Here’s what they don’t do. They don’t call me and say ‘let me tell you what we’re thinking.'”

White is never short of a few ‘F-bombs’, especially when the subject in question is Roy Nelson, but I can’t help but think he is being slightly harsh on this matter. The truth is that the next athletic commissioner needs to have some sort of combat background.

The problems surrounding the NSAC are, in my opinion, mainly due to the inexperienced individuals at it’s helm. How can you lay down rules on how to judge/officiate a fight when you have no experience of partaking, or even watching the sport? My next issue is with the NSAC and their terrible treatment of John McCarthy.

Former executive commissioner and full time assbag Keith Kizer had some sort of beef with Big John, and instead of handling it like a gent, Kizer decided that Big John was done officiating in Nevada. The best ref in the world was dropped, and I never felt that decision was justified.

So is ‘Big Country’ in too deep with his application? Well, I don’t think anyone could do a poorer job than KK. Get someone with experience and knowledge behind the wheel, whether it’s Roy or not, it needs to be someone that actually has a clue.

  • Dana is so Jelly! maw gawdddd drama queeen

  • Why does balfather hate nelson so much?

    • Dana " Did Roy Nelson ever tell you guys about the time we had to buy out another promoter ? Yeah of course he didn't tell you, he didn't even know he owed those guys a fight on his contract. He's not as smart as he thinks " Imagine Nick Diaz without Cesar Gracie, dealing with the UFC directly lol That's why Dana hates him.

  • Please, put Big Country in there, he knows his MMA stuff and thats what counts! Thanks Rory for a great article.

  • I don't know Big Countrys academic or professional background outside of MMA to make an informed decision. I think the UFC can do a better job in getting comes changes made, Dana says otherwise but MMA was banned from TV and PPV at one point. All I want is someone to hold those judges and referees accountable, Kieth Kizer never did.

  • GSP will get the N(ut)SAC job lol

  • @RORY did you edit that photo ? I just realized how humungous Nelson looks in that pic lol

    • it's the actual pic, Roy used cushions at the weigh in 🙂