Roy Jones Jr.: If Silva Was Serious and Focused, He Could Beat Weidman


Legendary boxing champion Roy Jones Jr. was a guest of the UFC for this weekend’s epic title fight between Anderson Silva and new champion Chris Weidman, perhaps a precursor to the rumored boxing match between Jones and Silva. The prospect of that bout, according to Jones in a Fuel TV interview, was what may have lead the Spider to underestimate his opponent Saturday night:

“It’s doesn’t really surprise me because it’s not something he’s up for — he wants to do something else. If you let him go get that out of his system, he could come back and say, ‘Okay, now that I got that out of my blood, let me go get this title and prove that I can beat this kid.’ It would be hard for me not to see him beat this kid… If he was serious and focused, he wouldn’t have [continued] to play with him after that first round.”

“In this game you can’t pay any disrespect to anyone who is in front of you. It’s the same in boxing. You don’t want to see it, but it happens. Chris Weidman is a great fighter, it was a great fight, but things like that do happen, especially when you see guys not have the hunger they had or be as focused.”

A good analysis from Jones, who presents a new perspective on why Silva lost. There are many beliefs on the subject, but the fact remains that Silva began to clown Weidman and got knocked out. Maybe he does not have the drive he once did to fight in MMA. Jones said he would still box Silva, but the potential match has sure lost a lot of luster when Silva hit the canvas on Saturday.

Check out Jones’ interview below: