Rousimar Palhares Plans To Drop To 170lb. Division


Rousimar Palhares has had some poor showings as of late in the UFC. The stocky middleweight is riding a two fight losing skid, most recently getting the works from Bellator transfer Hector Lombard, at UFC on FX in December. After testing positive for elevated testosterone levels Palhares was sentenced to a nine month suspension from the UFC.

It seems as though the time he spent off has come with some positive outcomes, minus his recent knee surgery. ‘Toquinho’ has joined team Nogueira, led my brothers Antonio Rodrigo and Antonio Rogerio. Palhares spoke recently about being reunited with his former BTT team mates:

“It’s a huge joy to be part of Team Nogueira. Big Nog is a great idol for everybody, and besides training together at BTT, I already had the opportunity to fight in the same card as him in Rio de Janeiro [UFC 134, in 2011].Now representing this team is so rewarding and a big responsibility. I want to recover quickly from the knee surgery to be able to train right away with my new team mates, all high level guys. I hope to add a lot for them as well.”

As well as changing camps ‘Paul Harris’ is also planning a drop to the 170lb. division, a division widely regarded as the most talent deep on the planet. Palhares recently released this statement to

“My desire to get down to the welterweight division is great, but I don’t want to make a hasty decision, I will only really do it if my body’s response is positive. I’m doing a fully integrated work of nutrition, fitness, supplementation and orthomolecular medicine. I’m with a very good  team taking care of me.”

Once Palhares has served his 9 month suspension (retro active to December 2012) he will be free to wreak havoc on the limbs of the UFC‘s Welterweight division, but will he make an impact? Stay tuned to Lowkick!

  • If Palhares wants to be a competitor at 170 his striking and takedowns need to improve drastically, he has the strength and jiujitsu to cause a few problems.

    • Anybody 5'8 should not be fighting at MW (Paul Harris, Lombard) period.

    • his takedowns are pretty strong i think he just needs better gameplans to suit his style. his game is obviously suited towards his grappling and his striking is probably better than damien maia's imo. he could be a threat at welterweight where he could be the strongest in the division and wouldnt give up a big reach advantage to everyone. welterweight is full of wrestlers who would have to be extremely cautious

  • i want to see maia vs paul harris

  • Think he is too way big for 170…..hope he takes care of himself.

    • Losing muscle mass is easy. All he has to do is limit his caloric intake to minus @300 calories from his daily caloric needs and up his cardio and the muscle will drop off. If he maintains a strength based workout routine during this process he should be able to do this without losing too much strength as well.

  • Wow. 170 just gets better and better. I can't wait to see him fight some of the better guys in that division.

    • The best division and keeps getting better… Can' wait!

  • somebody wants to get a piece of GSP…

  • ????? Paul Harris!

  • Would simply make a tough division even tougher. I hope he can pull it off. He's a beast. Maybe not the best game-planer, but none-the-less, he's a beast. At least on the ground. He and Maia would be an interesting scrap.