Rousimar Palhares Booked To Face Steve Carl For Welterweight Title At WSOF 9 This March


Embattled former UFC competitor Rousimar Palhares saw his Octagon career go up in smoke when he cranked a fight-ending heel hook on Mike Pierce at UFC Fight Night 29 long after he had tapped.

It wasn’t the first time “Toquinho” had held onto to one of his brutal leglocks too long, as he was suspended for 90 days after doing the same thing to Tomasz Drwal at UFC 111. Palhares also hurt his plight when he tested positive for elevated testosterone after his UFC on FX 6 knockout loss to Hector Lombard.

But Palhares didn’t have to wait long to find a new employer. Although World Series of Fighting President Ray Sefo said Palhares would immediately be cut if he continued his antics, he also signed “Toquinho” to a multi-fight deal.

And today, it sounds like Palhares hasn’t been punished too much for repeatedly putting his opponents’ health and well being in the line. In fact, quite the opposite appears true, as Palhares has been booked to face WSOF welterweight champion Steve Carl in the main event of WSOF 9 from the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Palhares receives a title shot without even having to fight once in the fledgling promotion, and I’m not sure that WSOF is sending the right message with the booking. They’re basically saying that Palhares can just come over to their promotion and get a title shot right away after he was cut from the UFC for repeatedly offending in a very serious manner.

WSOF is the home to former longtime UFC welterweight contender Jon Fitch, and it could be argued that he deserved the shot much more than Palhares does.

Either way, Palhares can’t sleep on Carl. He may not be all that well known, but he has an impressive 21-3 MMA record and has tapped out every foe he’s met in the WSOF cage. His last fight was an ultra-impressive submission victory over UFC vet Josh Burkman that earned him the belt in the process. Palhares is going to have his hands full with another top-flight grappler, but his leglocks are some of the most devastating holds we’ve ever seen applied in MMA.

Does “Toquinho” deserve an immediate title shot? And what kind of image does that project on the young WSOF if they have a disgraced man like Palhares as their champion?

Photo Credit: Jason Silva for USA TODAY Sports

  • It is very fu..ed up that this sicko has gained his highest popularity by harming another fighters health.

    • Yep sick but so is everyone caught using roids and abusing TRT.

      • Wow falcon: I respect and like your comments since years! – but comparing the sick **** Palhares pulled on Pierce to the use of illegal substances is just wrong!

        • I just can't stand cheaters who endanger themselves and others and also can't stand people out there just for the sake of hurting people either.To me in many respects they are all the same type of people. Also to me the last time Palhares was accused of over doing it I actually disagreed. I felt he was not holding it at all. I've seen guys land 2 or 3 shots after a ref steps in and to me 1 second of hold extra is no different and he did let go strait away but people were more obsessed that the guy was screaming and that he should have let go when he heard the scream. It's part of the sport to get caught in something that could potentially make you scream. But since he is a caught cheater as well, it may very well be likely that he has the mentality to purposefully hurt someone.

  • Ok so SEFO is trying to destroy the WSOF… interesting!

  • this guy is a real sicko and he should be banned from MMA fights for good, even in ADCC he cranked one of his opponents leg by not letting go the heel hook even after his opponent tapped! so it didn't happen only in the UFC. i feel sorry for Steve Carl already

    • I didn't even know about the ADCC incident – but I am not surprised! I agree: Fu..s like him should be banned for good!

  • Go Toco!! We love you!! Jiu jitsu!