Rousey has arrived: UFC 157 Preview


Later this month on February 23rd, the UFC will make history as two women will step into the Octagon to decide the very first-ever Women’s Bantamweight championship. The bout is of course headlined by former Strikeforce champion and current UFC titleholder Ronda Rousey, who will face off against Liz Carmouche.

Also on the card, legend Dan Henderson will take on former Light Heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida for a likely number one contender’s spot. That could fall apart however, as the 205 title scene has gone through quite a lot of ups and downs in recent months.

The placement of the Women’s title bout as a pay-per-view headliner has drawn quite a bit of controversy and discussion. What are your thoughts on the upcoming and groundbreaking UFC 157?

  • wow that is seriously one of the best promos in a long time, but im still not gonna buy it because of the main event

    • I clicked funny because I assumed you were joking. Please don't disappoint me…

    • really?…or are you joking?….thats just sad gtfo

      • she is so one dimensional. bring on cyborg!

        • the Cyborg fight would be epic if it ever happens, but i don't think she is as one dimentional as alot believe.
          She held her own striking with tate and dominated her on the ground and in the clinch. Her striking is obviously not on par with cyborg or gina caranno but she improves every fight. She has only been training striking for 2 yrs and seems to get better every fight. It will be interesting to see what happens when she meets up with a good striker with tdd, ie Carmouche, but i don't think anyone will stop her judo throws anytime soon.

  • Zip

    I'll pay to see it.

    • I would have paid for her Photoshoot if she had bared it all. 8P

      • @ Entity

        Now, now…that would be reducing our beloved Champion to the level of a sex object. We wouldn't want that, now. 🙂

        • What's this "we" thing..Are you counting the little man in your pocket? lmao

          • @ Entity – The Little Man Story

            Man goes into a bar and sits down. He reaches into his left pocket and pulls out a miniature baby-grand piano and places it on the bar-top.

            He then reaches into his other pocket and pulls out a little man, roughly one foot tall, wearing a black tux-and-tails and places him on the bar-top, as well.

            The little man goes over to the piano, pulls out the bench, sits down and begins to play. The music and the playing is spectacular. Awe inspiring.

            The bartender, who is watching all of this with complete fascination, comes over to the man seated at the bar and says…"hey buddy, where'd you get the piano and the little man?"

            Man says…"I was walking along the sidewalk and I found this magic lamp (pointing to a lamp resting on the stool next to him) and I gave it a rub. I got one wish, one wish only and this is what I got (pointing to the little man playing the piano)".

            The bartender says…"Well, if you only got the one wish and you've used it, would you mind if I gave the lamp a rub?" The man says "sure" and hands the bartender the lamp.

            The bartender closes his eyes, begins to rub the lamp and mumble to himself in a low voice.

            Next thing you know, the bar begins to fill with ducks. Thousands of them. Ducks coming in through the front door, the back door, the kitchen, dropping from the ceiling…they're everywhere.

            The bartender turns to the man and says…"I don't know Mr. but I think you've got a problem with your lamp, because I didn't ask for a million ducks."

            Man says…"I know. I didn't ask for a 12 inch pianist, either."

          • Lmao OMG thats funny! 😯 8P 8P

          • @ Entity

            Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

    • @ Zip

      Save the PPV and just watch it online for free.

      • Zip

        I will. I'm working anyhow 🙂

  • machida by beeing 10 years younger und rousey by ripping arm of

  • Can't wait for Hendo/Machida….so hard to call that one.

    • @ Cage

      Think I have to go with Machida.

  • I have no problem with women in MMA, but the main event instead of Lyoto vs Dan? Really?

    Does Dana have that big a crush on Ronda? Or maybe he just thinks the rest of us do…

    • Dude… She has the fuckin belt. She's an olympian and has devoted her life to combat sports. i think she's paid her dues to be in the main event.

      When Machida or Hendo learn to hold hold on to the belt for more than a few months then they'll get their chance.

    • Dude… She has the friggin belt. She's an olympian and has devoted her life to combat sports. I think she's paid her dues to be in the main event.

      When Machida or Hendo learn to hold hold on to the belt for more than a few months then they'll get their chance.

      • Bryan- Or grow tits, and lose a bunch of weight to suddenly become (kinda) hot.

        However, she's kind of the reason they're on this card. They want to make a point to everybody that she's a "draw" so they're stacking the deck as much as possible in her favor.

    • It's bigger than just a crush, she may be his right-hand woman if you know what I mean. Baldy would be heartbroken if Rousey lost, but I can't blame him one bit.

  • If/When Ronda wins she is going to be even more cocky and annoying. She should train with the Blackzilians fits her personality perfectly.

    • Only one flaw…she wins! lol

  • She's not Canadian and she's not as good looking as Gina Carano, so by that standard…I find her boring.

    On a more serious note…I can't believe that Henderson and Machida are being wasted on one another, while Sonnen is working on a TV show and waiting to fight for the 205 belt. There is just something morally wrong with it. I would loved to have seen Jones take on Henderson and Machida, not just the winner of a bout between the two. As to Sonnen / Jones…I truly don't care, because I know what it's going to be…Jones stomping all over Sonnen, a guy who hasn't earned the fight / shot.

    Thank you Dana for the calculus which gave us this match. 🙁


    • Well, to be fair, don't we know what will happen already between Jones and Machida?

      • @ Evan

        My guess is Machida is going to eat him, but Hendo is Hendo. My biggest concern for Dan is (always) his cardio. If he can keep that together and land one, sure he could win, but Machida is an amazing guy, particularly when it comes to his timing, my money, if I were betting, would be on Lyoto.

    • Did you know calculus is Latin for a small stone used in counting?

      • @ Entity

        Did you know that Latin is Latin, for Latin? 🙂

        And why would you use a stone for counting, when you can use your toes? Makes no sense.

        • It's a Latino thing I guess. Eyecarumba!

    • Zip

      Yeah, Gina is better looking, but Ronda has a nasty quality to her that is sexy as hell. Maybe it's just me.

      • @ Zip

        No. It's not you. She is sexy, don't get me wrong, but Gina is…SEXY!!!

        Gina is flat out freaking gorgeous. I'm so disappointed that she hung it up. She is both beautiful and hot. I remember the first time I saw some pictures of her, I nearly fell over. I couldn't believe that she was a (serious) WMMA fighter. The face, the smile, the body…she's as hot as any super-model or Hollywood actress, I could think of.

        • Zip

          I know, I know. They don't come much hotter than Gina, but you know Rhonda is going to tell you what she wants you to do, and you're gonna do it, damn that drives me nuts.

          • @ Zip

            Oh no, man…I'm that guy that wants to "tell", not be "told". That drives me nuts. Either way Zip, I think ya'd probably come out a winner.

            Hillary Clinton 2016….LOL!!!! …

          • Zip

            Good point my friend, although being told works for me. . . whatever.

          • @ Zip

            I through out some red meat there, with the Hilary Clinton 2016 crack and got nothing. 🙁

          • "Threw" there you go, I gave ya something lol

          • @ Entity

            Yeah…that was pretty sad. LOL!

            Always doubble check your work, befour you hand it in.

            I've had a problem with that issue you hole life. 🙂

          • PS – English is my fist language, but it was my second choice.

          • "Befour!" lmao… I Befive…your it!

      • Into domination huh Zip? lol j/k

        • @ Entity

          Zip walked himself into that one. LOL!

          Self-stamped envelope on that one, Zip.

        • Zip

          : P

    • PS – The other thing that ticks me off about Sonnen getting this fight is….where's all the drama we were promised / expecting.

      If you watch the show, it's more like the two of them are dating rather than hating and the only one we can blame for that / this disappointment is Sonnen. For all intents-and-purposes, he got this fight by shooting his mouth off…Okay, what happened to that guy? it's as if he's become timid or admiring, in the presence of Jones. No smart remarks. No egging him on. No anything. It's just two guys paling around, as if they've been friends for years.

      And so far, for me at least, it's equaled a big Yawn, in terms of interest, drama or back-story. I find myself watching TUF this season for one reason only…for that KO that they keep talking about in the promo. The…"we've never seen anything like it in the history of the show…that's one of the nastiest KOs' I've eve seen….cue the Ambulance scene. Yeah, that's about the only reason I'm watching it this year, because to be blunt, the show is boring.

      Better production values or otherwise. And they should change that crappy theme song and go with something more fitting, maybe go with James Taylor's "Fire & Rain" or something off of Graham Nash's "Our House". Just something more down-tempo. Something that's more tea and a sandwich, than beer and suicide wings.

    • It's ok at least I recognized the "Big Bang" reference…though Sheldon would get KO'd pretty darn quick if I was trapped in a room with him too long. 8))

  • cant we just scrap the womens division and get RR and Gina as ring girls?