Rory MacDonald Says He Wanted A Finish Against Jake Ellenberger


Rory MacDonald and Jake Ellenberger went to battle last night in a highly anticipated Welterweight bout, unfortunately the most exciting part of the bout was the pre fight trash talk. Mac D used his jab and reach to keep the seemingly one dimensional Juggernaut at bay.

As I said before, the grudge matches in the UFC quite often lead to boring fights due to the fact that guys don’t want to look foolish on fight night. Being made to eat ones words in public is probably not a great feeling, also the fight was very influential for the 170lb. title picture. All these factors made for a thoroughly mind numbing scrap.

MacDonald say that he wanted the finish, but was trying to avoid amateur mistakes. Check out the interview below courtesy of, and stay tuned to Lowkick!

  • One of the worst fights of the year from both gentlemen. I am not sure anything was proven in that fight. Obviously neither guy believed what they said pre-fight. DAMIAN MAIA SHOULD GET NEXT TITLE SHOT!

    • I actually think a lot was proven in that fight.

      I think it was proven that neither is ready for GSP. I think it was proven that Ellenberger's game-talk is better than his actual game. I think it proved that MacDonald sticks to a game-plan and can execute it.

      As to Maia, I think he needs another win and the obvious choices would either MacDonald or Robby Lawler. That said though, I'd love to see GSP / Maia.

      As much derision as MacDonald is taking for his performance, technically speaking, I thought it was pretty good. He certainly maintained the range and Ellenberger had no answer for it.

      The fight was a bust, though. I hate it when a fight you look forward to so much, turns out to chew and this one chewed, in terms of excitement. Still glad Ares got the victory, though.

      • Nothing was proven other than a longer reach is better for jabbing than a shorter reach. He never won a fight he won a game of tag.

    • MacDonald followed a Tri-Star's winning gameplan; he was more concerned about earning the W this time around than impressing the crowd as he did in his previous fight. One reason for this reserved and calculated appraoch is the fear of losing to a very dangerous and explosive striker in Ellenberger…I think he PROVED something by beating one of the best in the division and showing that he can stick to a gameplan…Next fight should be against rising star, Robbie L. If he gets past him, he's ready to contend for the belt….

      • There was no fight. He proved only he could out point a shorter reached man and Jake proved nothing but he couldn't commit either.

  • Thank God that was free & for DVR's, I just dozed through that fight 10 minutes ago. GSP Jr. was just as boring as his step poppa.

    • Rory " Safety" McDonald?

      • He is definitely learning a lot from Georges The Safest-Pierre.

        • D

          At least Rory threw some jabs. His opponent did absolutely nothing.

  • Ellenberger couldn't start his game because Mac Donald kept him at bay and ultimately he done enough to win comfortably. Knock it all you want but that was a top class performance despite it being tentative.

  • I like how all the blame is on MacDonald, the one who actually did all the action in the fight (except one late takedown). Might have not been a lot of action but he is not to blame.

    This is not Ben Askren or Jon Fitch on top of an opponent, being in a dominant position, and refusing to put in some worthwhile attacks.
    This was two guys in an equally advantageous position, a position which is actually Ellenberger's favourite and most dangerous, yet Ellenberger just sat there and allowed the fight to go this way. If he had went all out and forced some action, he would have forced Rory to react with a lot of action. If Jake does nothing to make Rory hesitate to throw another jab, then Rory will throw another jab and win the fight this way.

    • Jake "The Slug or not" Ellenberger?

      • My brain works in mysterious ways….when it works 8P

    • I have blamed both and why would Rory choose to win that way? Is that what he wanted? Rory could have easily stepped up the action himself if he wanted. Both guys sucked last night. We pick on the winner because there is nothing to be proud of.

  • I like both guys, but they should crank the pre fight talk a little bit down, hyping up fans, then not delivering during fight night, damn, that fight was supposed to be fcuking exciting! I'm all up for Maia having the next title shot

  • This fight also showed me a huge lack of technique in Ellenberger's striking game. He may be one of the hardest hitters in MMA and have crazy speed and power but the guy can't go technique for technique with strikes against top level guys.

    The run up to this fight pretty much showed Jake training exclusively on his boxing, he admitted it was his main focus, and he even put in work with legendary Jeff Mayweather…. yet he couldn't even counter, slip or defend a simple jab.

    Not Rory's most impressive performance but a dreadful one from Jake.

    • Both were dreadful but Rory's less so.

  • Wanted to finish? Really? Was he expecting Jake to fall down after being devastated by one of his pillow jabs??

  • Thank God I was doing some paperwork while watching them dance out of the corner of my eye… otherwise I would lament completely wasting 15 minutes of my life.