Rory MacDonald: People Have No Idea Of The Pressure GSP Is Going Through


No one really knows what UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre’s next move will be. The longtime titleholder said he needed some time off after UFC 167 and is apparently sticking to his guns. St. Pierre still plans to train during his hiatus.

Dana White said that he owed Johny Hendricks an immediate rematch because “Bigg Rigg” clearly won, but then he changed his tune and said that GSP won. Strange to be sure, but GSP’s critics are numerous right now.

Perhaps one of the people closest to the situation is GSP’s friend and training partner Rory MacDonald, who saw his status as St. Pierre’s heir apparent go up in smoke when he dropped a decision to Robbie Lawler at UFC 167.

MacDonald thinks that St. Pierre will return but not for a while. He spoke up on “The MMA Hour” to explain that people simply don’t know what St. Pierre is going through, and he makes some good points:

“I don’t think he’s gone for good. But maybe he needs some time. People have no idea the kind of pressure it is to fight, and I have no idea what kind of pressure it to hold the belt for (six years). Before that he was headlining cards since he was younger than I am right now. That’s a lot of pressure. That’s a lot of interviews. That’s a lot of work, and the guy, he’s a machine. For someone to be able to do that, to carry a belt for that long, and to be a headliner for that long, it wears on you. He needs a break.”

MacDonald raises some issues that most MMA fans and media might not think about. It is indeed grueling enough to be a professional MMA fighter, let alone a legendary champion whose every move is dissected under intense scrutiny.

Of course there are perks to the job too, but the amount of pressure is mountainous nonetheless. Despite several rumors coming and going about his leaving the sport, St. Pierre is steadfast in his stance that he simply needs some time off.

And perhaps he should have his time off. White was quick to state you simply can’t walk away from MMA as the champion, noting that GSP took a year-and-a-half off to heal from his ACL surgery. That was hardly a break he was looking to take, however.

Hendricks should definitely have his rematch. But defeating “Bigg Rigg” without controversy may be the only thing GSP has left to prove in the Octagon. If the rematch does come to fruition, St. Pierre should make sure his head is truly in the game.

Anything less could cause Hendricks to get the finish he’s been talking about so vehemently. For that reason, it’s best for GSP to make sure he wants to fight one more time. When he does retire he’ll go down as one of the best to ever fight in the UFC. Should St. Pierre be left alone, or did he sign up to have his life broadcast once he wrapped the title belt around his waist?

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  • I completely agree. Hes the most dominant champ imo. He heeds to lay off for a while and not even think about fighting. Who knows. Maybe he will get the fire again and look to finish the fight rather than just win it. Regardless of what he decides they need to keep the ball rolling with the top contenders.

  • At this stage, i'm not expecting anything more from GSP and quite frankly I won't be dissapointed if he doesn't return…Its different with Anderson Silva who lost so heavily…he needs to return but with GSP he should end it now.

  • LEAVE GSP ALONE!!!!! hehe

  • like him or hate him but you know the dude is right!!!

  • WTF is McDonald talking about?
    Gsp had 8 months in between his fight with Diaz and Hendricks
    I mean ok if he had an 8 week training camp ( 2 months) he still had 6 months free in between fights, before that he fought Condit 4 months prior to Diaz which is not much time
    But before Condit he had 1 year 6 months with out fighting, hes been fighting twice a year that is not that much, he has time to do whatever he wants thats no excuse.

    This is from one of the biggest GSP fans ever , im talking about way back in 2004.
    that is why I dare to say that GSP time is up and rather see him retire as a champion
    before one of this new young lions ends up Knocking him out or submiting him.
    If is not Hendricks then maybe Woodley or Lawler or Lombart or Condit.
    He has nothing to prove, he has no killer instincts and won't improve on any aspect , he reach his peak , build a legacy time to pass the torch.

    • have you ever had a knee injury?? that need rehab?? if Cruz got 2 years GSP deserved 1 year easily..i am also guessing that you have no idea about PR stuffs, Hendricks might say he can handle those becos he's never been there..GSP trains like crazy and 2 title defence a year is pretty solid!! i am amused you call yourself GSP fan and do not understand how much commitments these Champion have to you even know he was still hurt when the Diaz fight happen??