Rory MacDonald: I don’t fight for the fans, I fight for myself


After his dominant decision victory over BJ Penn at UFC on Fox 5, Welterweight contender Rory MacDonald drew a lot of heat for his behavior in the Octagon. Many thought that his antics, such as his feet-shuffling and hands dropping, were amateurish and cocky. Apparently, he simply does not care what the fans think, stating the following to

“It doesn’t matter, I don’t fight for them. People can love me or hate me, I fight for myself and because I love it. It is what it is. I don’t care, as long as I fight well and I think I did. If they don’t like me, I can’t do anything about it. I’m just going to be me.”

Quite the polarizing words from the surging fighter, who issued a challenge to the only man to ever defeat him, Carlos Condit. MacDonald appeared to have that fight won until Condit pulled out the unlikely TKO victory late in the fight. Regardless, it appears that MacDonald does not care about being disrespectful to anyone if he will do it to a former champion and legend like Penn. The boos he garnered are just part of the game for him, and he is fighting for himself only.

There may be a new public enemy number one out there in the UFC Welterweight division, and not surprisingly, a man used to that role immediately spoke up on Twitter to issue a challenge:


Would Josh Koscheck be a good opponent for MacDonald, or would he be just another stop on his hype train? Kos is stuck in that gatekeeper status right now, but is probably still more relevant than BJ Penn was at this time. Condit appears to be a good match right now, but we’ll see. Either way, MacDonald is gaining the ire of fans everywhere in a quick way.

  • Go suck a boner.

  • Awwww snap! Here comes the Kos to put him in Check! …..

  • WHAT?! A fighter dropped his hands and shuffled his feet?!?! Someone call CNN stat! Good thing this article was posted, otherwise I would have gone all day not knowing about a fighter taunting another fighter. Close call! Thank you!!!

  • I don't think Koscheck has earned that fight. Not coming off a loss to Hendricks. If Rory has a fight a head of him it should be Condit or Hendricks, if Hendricks is looking for a fight, that is. The Condit rematch makes more sense, but again, if Johnny is looking to have a fight before he gets the winner of GSP / Diaz, then Rory is the only logical choice.

    As to MacDonald's comments and he perceived showboating. I think he's right to stick to his guns. He fought the way he had trained to fight and wanted to fight and I don't think he was showboating. When Anderson Silva does the same thing he's a hero. So, that argument carries no weight with me. Finally, the fans love a winner. If Rory keeps winning and keeps dominating / finishing fights, if he beats Condit (should the fight be made), he'll be a hero. And if he isn't, well there's really good money in being a heel.

    Be loved or be hated. Fan indifference is the kiss of death.

  • I dont like Rory as a fighter, however I didnt think he did anything wrong during his fight with BJ. Like in Basketball, soccer, and Football, if you dont like your opponents to run up the score on you, then you have to stop them from doing so. In other words, f BJ didnt like the fact that Rory was taunting him in the cage, then he should have knocked him out. Taunting is not new to fighting, fighters have been doing it for decades, so lets not make what happened over the weekend a bigger deal than it really is.

    • I totally agree! Who is the best taunter in MMA? Can anyone top Nick Diaz's antics? Any takers?

  • I don't understand why most of you think Rory was winning against Carlos on their first fight..W*T*F were you watching… 1st round Carlos won, 2nd round Rory won, 3rd round Carlos destroyed him bad….. Yet I would enjoy watching a second fight…

  • Kind of like a small Ivan Drago that dresses up like a serial rapist….he freaks me out a bit but is an amazing amazing fighter and future champ imo.

    • OMG, I totally agree. During the pre-fight show I was getting a "serial killer vibe" when he was being interviewed- and the clothes were the icing on the cake, ha ha. It's like he's totally insane but trying to hide his craziness from mankind, lol. If his nickname was "Mask of Sanity" I would think it would be a great fit! God, he creeps me out, but boy can he fight!

  • "Many thought that his antics, such as his feet-shuffling and hands dropping, were amateurish and cocky". Please, take some midol

  • Honestly it is a fight that makes some sense, Kos would get destroyed but who doesn't like seeing that?

    • Kos is trying to talk himself in to a high profile fight yet again…….what's new?….he doesn't deseve to fight Rory imo…..or any other top contender at WW……he should be made to earn that fight like everyone else if he wants it……if he's sick of being a gatekeeper at WW he should go up to MW…..and yeah i'd love to see him get smashed again……all Kos has really is his wrestling and that big overhand right that he keeps telegraphing……Rory would destroy him too imo……

  • There is a lunatic fringe in MMA and they seem to gravitate around certain heros or anti-heros–such as Fedor Emelianenko, Nick and Nate Diaz, BJ Penn etc.

    Don't get me wrong, not all fans of these fighters fucking whackos, but certain fighters seem to attract the fanatics.

    When their fighter loses, they place the blame on the opponent who defeated their hero, and make excuses for their beloved hero. Facts don't matter–unless they support their worshipped fighter.

    I think Jon Jones got nailed by a lot of fans because he demolished a number of heroes and butt-hurt fans took their anger out on him. Sure, Jon Jones is a dick–but only a little dick. He is not nearly as big a dick as Koscheck for instance–but he gets a lot more hate.

    BJ Penn is/was a great fighter–but he is also a lying, whining prick. He accused GSP of using PED's without any evidence and he did the same for Rory MacDonald. You can't get any more disrespectful than that. Rory took the VADA testing, passed, and beat the shit out of BJ. But does it end here?

    No, the lunatic fringe continues to spin conspiracy theories. I have read several poster in a number of sites say Rory purposely cut his eyebrow so he could cycle off of his roids. Rory, who has acne, just like his dad, is accused of roiding because he has bacne in addition to face acne. These budding MD's are convinced that bacne is conclusive proof of PED use. Rory, like GSP, trains 6 days a week for 6-8 hours a day. He takes strength and conditioning coaching from the renowned John Chaimberg who builds up athletes from various sports–cleanly. The roid rumors for Rory started after UFC 129 when Rory suplexed Nate Diaz 3 times in a row. The MMA geniuses (Diaz fans–WAR DIAZ) couldn't believe their boy Nate could be tossed around by any normal human–so Rory must have been roiding. So now Rory is slandered in every board for PED use–without evidence, while other fighters–such as Benson Henderson can toss Nate around and still be considered clean. I am just waiting for the accusations from the butt-hurt Diaz fans about Bendo.

    Rory cares about the fans, but he is not used to being booed. He is right about one thing though–MMA fans can be very fickle.

    • I've got acne, backne and even buttne and I have NEVER used PED's a single time, well, except for the occasional cup of coffee…LOL

    • BJ got his ass WHOOPED. but if you look at rorys back literally filled with acne and the drastic size change he had in a few years(im sure it was lifting, and diet……) you can see why people accuse him. in my opinion he doped a lot before he got into the UFC and during the early days of his career and cycled off really well into a crazy workout regime. But i do not believe he does steroids anymore and i do believe hes a beast of a fighter who could have finished BJ if he pressured him a little more

  • Hero or Villain is a great place to be for ppv draws.

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  • I start to like him. Yeah fans! Oh wait thats me!!! Oh who cares!

  • i actually like Rory as a fighter and believe he is a part of this 'new wave' of fighters that have trained in every aspect of the game from a young age…..and it showed against Penn….that said though…..Penn needs to stop trying to take on these guys at WW….some of who, like Rory, come in to fight at 190-200lbs + he just out muscled Penn from start to finish….Penn should either stay ay LW or retire…..

    I didn't like the dropping of hands and the shuffling of feet and all that crap though….that was disrespectful imo….especially to a fighter of Penns calibre…..that said though….the fans love it when the Diaz brothers do the same stuff…..I do think Rory will hold the WW belt at some point…'s just a case of when not if…….

  • rory attitude reminds me of Jon jones

  • I like Rory as a fighter, but when he opens his mouth he is just boring, and what he says seems forced and scripted. You either got it.. Or you don't.

  • and most of you guys say that JON JONES is c o c k y? this guy here is a total douche. he makes kos look like a nice guy.