Rory MacDonald-Carlos Condit rematch set for UFC 158


After Rory MacDonald soundly beat down B.J. Penn, the Canadian told the world that he wanted to avenge the lone loss on his record suffered at the hands of Carlos Condit.

“There’s a guy that humiliated me a couple years ago, and I want my revenge,” MacDonald said when he grabbed the microphone from Joe Rogan during his post fight interview. “Carlos Condit, I want a rematch. Accept my challenge. Let’s do it in March – I’m going to get my revenge.”

It looks like he’s going to get what he wants.

MacDonald appeared on Radio and announced that the rematch with Condit is set to go down in his backyard of Montreal at the Bell Centre on March 16 at UFC 158. Shortly after, UFC President Dana White confirmed the news. 

The 23-year-old MacDonald says that the loss when he had just barely turned 21 at UFC 115 in June 2010 was humiliating and he wants revenge. That fight saw MacDonald ahead on the scorecards going into the final round when Condit roared back and scored a shocking TKO with only seven seconds left in the fight. Since that loss, MacDonald has been dominant in his performances against Nate Diaz, Mike Pyle, Che Mills and B.J. Penn. All the while he has his mind set on getting revenge against Condit.

“In Montreal – I got exactly what I wanted,” MacDonald said. “You can’t get what you don’t ask for. I’m very, very happy.”

Chomping at the bit to get redemption would be an understatement. 

“I’ve been waiting for this day for two and a half years,” MacDonald said. “It’s something I’ve wanted more than anything since that night. It was embarrassing. I got beat up in front of my friends and family. It was just a very sad moment for me. It changed who I was, and I just want to get back to it.”

  • I'm hoping Condit can pull this off again, but hey, I'm always happy to see new people reach the top. I know losing two in a row would be bad for Condit also, but I don't see it knocking him down the pecking order too far, Macdonald is definitely establishing himself as a real top-fiver.

    • condit will win again. rory is good but not that good

      • hahahahaha you have the worst predictions all i cAN DO IS LAUGH… whhat makes you think conduit will pull it off? the only way is lucky punchers chance agaiin as you can see rory was winning anyways…its going to happen the same exact way except conduit wll not catch rory with an elbow to end it.

      • I have Condit going 2-0 against Rory as well.

      • Yet another DumbA$$ comment from the ultimate DumbA$$ himslef. How do you do it?

  • This is a great fight for Rory…If he beats up Condit than he definetly has a claim to a title shot if he is willing to put friendship with GSP aside.

    • I was disappointed with several aspects of Rory's attitude / personality this last card. I see him abandoning the GSP loyalty thing soon since it seems its "all about me". I have been a (Canadian) Rory fan but had developed a big respect for Condit recently.

      • Rory has as much claim to a title shot as GSP or any other fighter.

        This sport is an individual sport….The question that really needs to be asked is how much involvement has GSP had in developing Rory as a fighter?

        GSP is completely focussed on himself, and rory should aggresively chase the dream even if it means switching camps if he gets past condit.

        We had this same problem with Rashad and bones.

  • Carlos Condit is going to win 🙂

  • I would never write off Carlos. He is a warrior and he has proved it in every fight especially the last one with GSP. Rory on the other hand is hungry for a revenge and I think he will have an edge over Carlos in terms of speed and strength. Although Carlos has only a 20% chance of winning this fight but I'll still be rooting for him. Go Carlos.

  • Great fight. Rory would have won the last one had he made it out of round 3. Should be a great test to see how much he's grown. Question is though, lets say he beats Condit, how much longer would he be able go without be given a title shot? If he beats Condit and GSP beats Diaz and Hendricks, I don't see how The Champ and Rory can avoid a showdown. Either way, I'll pick Rory in the re-match with Carlos. I think Condit is a great fighter, but I think the kid's (MacDonald) time has come.

  • Quite honestly I think Rory should move up in weight class. I feel most fighters appear to be much smaller in front of him.

    • Really? How do you feel about Jon Jones..

      • Sorry, I thought we are talking about Rory here. btw, what are you trying to get at?

        • What I was getting at is that Jones has at least an 8 inch reach advantage over everyone else in his weight class. That's a lot. Get it?

      • Jones doesnt look bigger than Gus

        • Gus is a tall skinny tree with the reach of a 6' man. GTFO. Fail.

    • A great axiom for any fighter would be….be the biggest guy that you can be, in the smallest division that you can fit into.

  • Rory got balls for callin him out and Condit got balls for acceptin it. I didn't think this fight made much sense to be honest, but it will be a good one. Condit by KO!!!

    • I think the fight makes sense. Rory is on a four fight win streak. He's an up-and-comer, top ten fighter, with a loss to the fighter he as challenged. Carlos, on the other hand, is a recent interim champ, coming off of a tough, five round decision loss to The Champion, where he had The Champ in deep trouble at least once in the fight. If Rory can pull it off, he goes top 5 or 6. If CC wins, he keeps his place.

      For balls though, go back and watch their first fight. Rory won the first two rounds. Almost made it look easy. He gassed / fell apart in the third. If the fight had lasted another five seconds, as ugly as it was at the end, Rory would have walked away with the decision win. 2 rounds to 1.

      It will be nearly 3 years since the first fight. Of the two fighters I think Rory has grown the most in that time. I'm a big fan of both fighters. This is going to be a tough test for the former interim Champ.

    • The fight makes so much sense that you perceive it as not making sense, since it would certainly define the top contender status it is inevitable and completely necessary that they fight again and sort it out.

  • That call out was so staged it was ludicrous. It reminded me of the WWE. The UFC brass had this fight in mind (provided BJ lost) before Rory and BJ even stepped in the cage. All that aside though, it is going to be a great fight and very hard to call.

  • Carlos will win again…TKO 2nd round…

  • This is all about who has improved more since the last one and seeing as Rory has looked to be the much more improved of the two since their first meeting, I will have to go with MacDonald.
    It's also a big thing to note that MacDonald has faced big names, been in the spotlight and learned to not get over excited in the cage… all things which led to his loss in the first fight.

    • I think Carlos Condit is a great fighter. And a truly tough guy. I just think that on the feet, that Rory is the better and more confident fighter. He knows that for two rounds he stood with Condit and beat him. On the ground, Rory has, IMO, the best in-the-guard ground and pound in the 170 division. He has proven that he can do a lot of damage from the guard, negating the need to advance his position.

      For Condit, I think the key to victory is to get Rory on his back and submit him or pound him out, as he did the last time. The problem for CC is that he achieved that, as much as anything, as a result of MacDonald falling apart in terms of his cardio and head. I don't think that opportunity will arise, this time round. So, CC is going to have to make his own rain. He will not be able to circle off and take a points victory, here. He will need to come forward and hopefully take Rory down.

      It will be a good fight, regardless of the winner. And that's the only thing to hope for when you're a fan of both fighters.

  • Rory has gotten less likable. He now seems like a cocky, preppy kid whose head I want to see get kicked off.