Ronda Rousey to Liz Carmouche: Be careful what you wish for


UFC Women’s Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey responds to recent comments of Liz Carmouche by simply stating to be careful what you wish for. Carmouche campaigned repeatedly for this high-profile bout, so we’ll see if she can rise to the challenge.

Carmouche has been on record saying that she does not believe that Rousey has what it takes to beat her. However, it’s tough to argue with Rousey’s perfect record of devastating submission victories.

Rousey acknowledges that Carmouche is a tough fighter in this UFC interview. But Carmouche is also an historic underdog. Will Rousey claim another arm in the first round on February 23rd?

  • Ronda is gonna kill this guy.

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        i quote ' they have to HOPE my stand up sucks cause everything else they've seen so far is as perfect as possible'
        holy christ, i someone is believing the hype, too bad it's only her.

    • Zip

      And the girl beats the guy… oh those cheeks.

    • Carmouche is going to be hoping for a North/South submission of Rhonda

  • Ronda "Ms. Cheeks" Rousy will eventually lose and I'm sure the look on baldy's face will be priceless.

    • He'll be on the phone right after saying something along the lines of "Ok guys, cancel all future female fights…"

  • @underdogreatness-and I for one can't wait for that,hype train will get derailed at some point,be sure to weak this yo!

  • Ronda is nasty. She is better at what she does than Puljares is at what he does. I don't think there is anyone else in the UFC that i would say that about. Aside from getting tagged, but not dropped, Rousey has not shown any sign of weakness in her other areas. But you gotta look for something if you want a shot to beat her.

  • She needs to get punched in the face

    • So do the majority of the people who post on this site.

      • Hypocrisy so thick I have to wear a full body filter and goggles

  • She will go down as quick as she went up. Sooner or later. A stand out fighter is not that hard to chose when the division is 3 bodies deep….

  • "She will go down as quick as she went up" hey now, keep the fantasies to a minimum Chris 8P