Ronda Rousey to be featured on HBO series “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel”


So all that talk Dana White has been spewing about Ronda Rousey breaking down barriers and bridging the gap between mainstream media outlets and the sport of mixed martial arts is not only true, but coming to fruition in a big way.

For the very first time in history a mixed martial artist will be featured on HBO, not to mention one that just so happens to be a female. Ronda will be the main attraction in a new installment of the ongoing series called “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel”.

HBOSports just recently posted this video preview of the upcoming show, which will air Tuesday, February 19th at 10pm EST. Check out the video below.
Want more video? Once the fight is over, LowKick will have you covered with a Rousey vs. Carmouche fight video.

  • I wonder if she's going to take off her top on that show.

    • If clothing is going to be removed then I'd be more interested in Gina Carano.

      • @ Bryan

        Me too.

        • I'de like to see both at the same time….no , it would be a double KO and I would have to move away dangerous furniture.

          • Only if it takes place in a bungalow Kimbo Slice style.

  • I'm sure she'll be articulate and riveting. God… I'm such a hater….

    • Shut your eyes and let your penis watch 8))