Ronda Rousey: The Emotional Involvement of TUF Takes A Lot Out of You


UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has made the very difficult look seemingly easy, mowing down each and every opponent in her way via first round armbar.  However, it’s something entirely different that is proving to be her toughest challenge. Speaking up during a Facebook chat sponsored by Metro PCS, Rousey chronicled her experience on the already tumultuous season of TUF 18:

“It’s a lot more work than I thought it would be, and it’s a lot more emotionally taxing than I thought it would be.  You care a lot about these kids.  I just felt like any kind of heartbreak or triumph, whatever they’re going through, I share in it.  It’s exhausting going through that over and over and over with every competitor. You’re just so emotionally invested in every person that it really takes a lot out of you.”

UFC President Dana White has been on record saying that the currently filming season of The Ultimate Fighter is not going well, but that could very well translate into exceptional ratings. The conflict between Rousey and her rival coach Miesha Tate has a well-publicized and lengthy history, and the champ has some additional emotional investment in the form of her competitors.

The new season of TUF is the very first to feature both male and female competitors, and will also feature the first ever women’s main event bout at the finale. It appears that Rousey has truly grown fond of the coaching side of MMA, and it has been a bit of an adjustment for her. No word on how Miesha Tate is handling being a coach, but the bad blood between her and “Rowdy” will always be present. Will it be yet another submission victory for Rousey once the season comes to an end?


  • My guess is that she's a fabulous coach.

    Any rumors flying around as to why the filming of the show is not going well?

    • Havent read much of it yet but Dana hinted that there's a lot of drama between Rousey and Tate… maybe that's what he was referring too…

      • Drama between Rousey and Tate would be a good thing.

        I seem to recall that's what Sonnen was brought into do with Jones, but instead of drama we got nothing but Sonnen's love and respect for Jones. No drama.

    • Mr. Tate apparently is a tool. Ronda basically said, he's a bad influence and Tate acts differently around him. Ronda seems to think if Mr. Tate wasn't around, Miesha would be a much better fighter and cooler person.

      Regardless, it's supposed to be Tito vs Ken bad. THATS VERY BAD lol

    • and this is from twitter. lol


      @RondaRousey hit her in that nose at @ufc #TUF finale for me will ya? 😉


      @CatZingano dont worry I'll handle her and we'll have the title fight you deserve, heal up 😉


      @CatZingano @RondaRousey it's a big target 😉


      @zinganobjj: @CatZingano @RondaRousey lol! Yeah it is

    • @Brian…..prepare yourself for Uncle Dana to tell you how this season is the best season "EVER" in TUF history….

      Sometimes i wonder if Uncle Dana gave Chael Sonnen an instructional DVD on hype because he has certainly mastered the trade himself.

      • Dana is very good at hype. I think Chael is fading on that subject.

  • Ya he should say it ***** and to not watch it, then all the ufc fans would watch it out of respect for "Uncle" Dana telling the truth for the first time ever right?

  • Boo frickety-hoo B*tch. How are the paychecks?? Cry me a river pie face.