Ronda Rousey Talks About Street Fights And Thanksgiving On JKL


Ronda Rousey has dominated the headlines in recent months, and not always for the right reasons. The controversial Women’s Bantamweight Champion has divided her fanbase with, at times, dramatic outbursts in The Ultimate Fighter 18 series.

The MMA reality show has painted a very different picture of ‘Rowdy’, although she has always had a mean streak in my opinion. Never short of trash talk, and always game to fight are two phrases that come to mind when talking out Rousey. Another is the word pioneer.

I think we are two quick to persecute fighters for their conduct outside of the cage, without considering what they have achieved inside it. So Rousey stopped by to talk with Jimmy Kimmel about thanksgiving and street fights. Check it out and see how you feel about ‘Rowdy’ afterwards:

  • See this is the Ronda we all love! When u really think about it, she has all this hate for meisha tate, and everyones hating on her cuz she be acting too hood on tv. but the truth is, dont we all have that 1 person that just turns u into the hidden beast thats inside of u cuz they r a douche to u? right?
    Everyone expresses themselves different, Ronda is just the loud mouth chick But she can back her words. Like I said, we all express ourselves different.

    • Nope, Ronda is just a crazy women with anger managment problems and an mother that is the main cause for how she is, but at the end she is so good thanks to this craziness.

    • Kimble should of taken a couple shots and ask some sexual questions… Boring *** interview this was…

  • This fight is going to be epic.

  • Like the pictures above. You can polish a terd but its still a terd.

  • She needs to fire her hairdresser and stylist IMMEDIATELY !!!