Ronda Rousey Shows Miesha Tate The Middle Finger


Ronda Rousey is getting more well known for her pre fight antics, the women’s Bantamweight champion is never short of a few trash talking words in the lead up to her scraps. There is no love lost between Rousey and Miesha Tate, not since their first fight in 2012, not on the set of TUF and not at public media shows.

Rousey and Tate battled back in Strikeforce in 2012, with Rousey emerging victorious by, you guessed it, an armbar in round one. Since Cat Zingano dropped out of her TUF coaching role, and Miesha Tate jumped in, tensions have been running high.

During Today’s UFC world tour, Rousey and Tate took part in a standard staredown. It seems that Rousey might have taken a page from the Stockton bad-ass 101 series, flipping Tate the bird after a top class mean mug. She certainly knows how to sell fights, and likely get inside of Tate’s head. Anyway, check out the video below via, and stay tuned to Lowkick!

  • Who cares – I am glad she's learning from Diaz and acting like ghetto trash. Way to represent Rhonda.

  • Classy

  • Rhoda is annoying… I hope Miesha wins (although i dont see it happening)

  • Would.nt mind showing her my middle finger too, aw

  • First time you ever let me down Ronda. That was just beneath you. You're to cool to act so childish.

  • Weak me all day, I could give a crap….. but Rousey has acted like a complete fool since she got the belt. Poor representation of a champion. No class whatsoever. Her over dramatic actions just show her immaturity and lack of respect.

    If she only know how ridiculous her fake "tough guy" look appears on camera, and how stupid she looks playing it up….. it's getting old already and the show has not even aired.

    Tate will probably never beat her in the cage, but she has already whipped her in looks, sexiness, and class. Doesn't count, I know, but if Rousey would just act like a professional she would probably gain a ton of fans…..

    • Zip

      @ Cage

      Easy my friend. I love her 'tough guy' look, drives me nuts. Besides, all she needs is a little TLC:)

  • Rousey looks like she needs to get fucked properly.

  • Rousey did not win any points in my book with that stunt.

  • I wouldn't mind watch her use that finger somewhere down there ({}) Heck, I wouldn't mind seeing her use 4 fingers as long as she's up for a challenge 😉

    Someone needs to put that girl in her place ASAP.

    • @Underdog….Thats the most x rated comment I have read on lowkick. You even provided a special picture.