Ronda Rousey Says Gina Carano Is The Fight She’s Wanted Since She Began Women’s MMA


UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has cut a distinct path through the sport of MMA since crossing over as the final Strikeforce ladies’ champion.

Her electric presence and unparalleled finishing skills prompted UFC President Dana White, who was previously adamant about never letting women fight in the Octagon, to create a UFC women’s division, and the rest is history.

Rousey will square off Alexis Davis in the co-main event of July 5’s UFC 175 from Las Vegas, but from the sound of her interview today, she only has one fight on her mind. Speaking to MMA Fighting, Rousey said she simply has to fight Gina Carano before her time is up:

“The first women’s MMA fight I ever saw was Gina Carano vs. Julie Kedzie. Not only did I admire what [Carano] was doing, but also I was blown away by the reaction all the guys were giving them, and, I just remember sitting there and thinking, ‘I could totally beat both of these chicks.’

Whether she ever wants to fight again or not is entirely up to her. But, ever since that day when I had that first taste of women’s MMA she’s the fight I wanted.”

After a nearly five-year hiatus making movies, former Strikeforce women’s featherweight champion Carano has been linked to a return fight with Rousey. But there are several roadblocks that stand in the way of making that blockbuster bout happen.

First, Carano has never even fought at close to 135 pounds in her career, so making it down to bantamweight would be a challenge in and of itself.

Second, even if she could make weight, “Conviction” is going to be fighting one of the steepest uphill battles the sport has ever seen. Coming back to face any Top 15-ranked UFC fighter would be a challenge, let alone a dominant titleholder hell-bent on staying that way.

On paper, Carano just doesn’t really have anything for Rousey. While a bout between the two would no doubt be a huge pay-per-view (PPV) draw bordering on perhaps one of the highest ever, it may just be another quick Rousey finish that leaves fans wondering what they shelled out their hard-earned money for (like her UFC 170 finish of Sara McMann).

And if it was, fans would most likely be clamoring that the women’s division simply isn’t talent-rich enough to sustain itself, That may be an unfortunate byproduct of Rousey’s dominance, but if and when she destroys Carano, who would be next for the bulldozing “Rowdy?”

Would it even matter? Probably not, because the UFC is looking for the big bucks, and with this mismatch, they’d no doubt get it.

  • Gina has made some money, made movies and she's beautiful….everything Ronda wants to be. I hate Ronda the biatch.

  • They really need to stop this. At this point it's like Cain calling out Fedor. Carano's not a fighter anymore, so we shouldn't be hearing about any potential matchups for her, period.

  • Rousey has serious problems i agree with fedor, down with womens mma no one cares

    • Down with pathetic and ignorant dipshit fans like you. Go back to WWE and take your trailer trash family with you.

  • gm1

    Lowkick needs to stop writing stories about this chick. Notice she only mentions a fight by females she feels she can beat. Guess what Gina, you should have watched the fight between Carano and Cyborg. Cyborg finished her real quick…
    Rhonda is weak in my opinion. Female talent in MMA is less than average anyway. That's why these chicks get a popular and they start acting… Nothing wrong with that but as athletes if you love something you don't start walking away or taking "time off"

    • The female talent is just as good as most males in the UFC. Not exactly elite like the top males like Condit, Aldo, Cormier etc. The females 90% of the time put on great exciting fights. The only women fight on last weeks card was FOTN……Ronda has said she wants to take time of because she is burning out, she has trained and been in the spot light for almost 4 years straight. She wants a break so she doesn't lose her passion for MMA. I don't get people like you, you have not been in her position nor will you ever be, so why try and act like you would know how to handle these type of situations??

  • Yes, Rhonda wants easy fight. Funny she won't call out cyborg but will call out a retired
    Fighter of 5 years

  • Ronda haters are just as mentally disabled as Jones haters and Anderson fanboys.

    • Ronda panty sniffers are just as bad Are you gunning to be her bodyguard or something?. You get sooo butt hurt if someone treats the biatch like she deserves for being such a biatch.

      • I'm not butthurt at all, just stating my opinion on other opinions.

  • Zip

    Well, that's a mixed bag for sure, Space. Ronda and Anderson have taken on all contenders, chicken bones has not. When he fights both Gus again and Cormier, I'll acknowledge it. And if he beats them both, back to back, I'll give him his props as the best in the world.

    As I wouldn't want to fight a gorilla, I wouldn't suspect Ronda does either. Cyborg can either shed her ill-gotten gorilla physique via male hormones and make 135, as any female her size should weigh, or go fight men.

    As far as those who still want Cyborg to fight Ronda at current weight, and find her attractive, take a shot of your hardest liquor and treat yourself to a cold shower. When you're done, take a peek in the mirror. If you still feel the same, find yourself a good man 🙂

    • Jones has faced all contenders the UFC put in front of him. He already took the first Gus fight and Cormier didn't have a LHW win streak until recently.

      Cyborg is a big 145. She took those hormones or whatever they were to help her cut weight. So its obvious she struggles with weight cutting. I agree Ronda should fight Cyborg, but not bypass all the other contenders first. Cyborg should at least have 1 fight before an immediate title shot. Maybe Cyborg vs Tate or Cyborg vs Holm?

      • Zip

        Indeed, Jones has faced all contenders the UFC has put in front of him, except Gus ll. My point is, Ronda hasn't ducked anyone, whereas Jones has. All the talk of Ronda ducking Cyborg is silly. Cyborg needs to be in the same weight class first, then the talk can commence.

  • I will call out gina everyday of the week… I just hope she comes out in lingerie and NOT in her mma gear….LOL

    • Actually either or would be kinky…