Ronda Rousey Ranked 29th On Maxim’s Hot 100 list


It has been one hell of a year for Ronda Rousey, the first ever women’s UFC champion has been setting records in the world of MMA and has become a pioneer for WMMA. After beating Liz Carmouche to claim the Bantamweight crown, becoming the first female UFC champion and the first female TUF coach, making the cover of ESPN’s anniversary edition-what more is there left to do?

Making Business Insider’s list of top 50 women changing the world and Maxim’s hot 100 is what Rousey has accomplished just this week. ‘Rowdy’ ranked no.42 on the business insider list and picked up an impressive 29th spot with Maxim’s hot 100. Miley Cyrus claims the number one spot of the hot 100 list, but I know who I would rather share a cocktail with.

Rousey is certainly changing the world of WMMA for the better, her spot on TUF 18 opposite Cat Zingano will help push it even further in to the limelight where it should have been for years now.



  • If this was a "fan post" this would surely get the most cools and win the comp haha.

    On a serious note though, WOW.

    One step closer to joining Plamer, Celeste and Leah if you know what I mean

    • She will never ever be on Brittney's level. Never. I hope Cat knees that face until she verbally taps. Maybe she wouldn't be so full of herself after that. Haha am I wrong for this?

      • so much hate did Ronda steal your man?

        • Yea she stole my gay lover haha. Sorry I'm just not putting her on a pedestal because she fights. She's about a 5.5 and her sorry attitude and cockiness brings her to a 4. Decent body. She's in shape but her face is boo boo. Give me Carano all day. Ronda… Hell nah.

      • Rousey's big pie plate face is certainly a good target for a knee or ten.

    • Never happen.

  • i hope cyborg fights her soon.. if they get it together and cyborg is an underdog, that could be my ticket to riches!!!

    • I think Ronda vs cyborg is like GSP vs Anderson.

      It would be great in theory, but the size difference is too big a factor.

  • I wouldn't say that she is not hot, but only until she opens her month. She talks like a man IMO.

  • Ronda is a hypocrite! she blasted and called out Arianny and Brittney for whole ******* thing they both did,if anyone has seen the Maxim #100 for the last several years the chicks in there don't have to pose in pics such as hers,obviously been a top 100 thing one expects that but there's a ton of chicks there fully clothed,whatnot….you better focus on Cat instead of worrying about Meisha's boyfriend and all that,quit being a c word! the hype train will get derailed soon enough,find another cow to milk Dana,this one has an expiration date on it!

    • Oh come on she is a champion and a ********beuty, you think there are any rules that exist for her? Nobody wants to point to the rules for her with their fingers, because she will feed your arm to the vegetarians. I believe she can force vegetarians eat meat.

  • This whole thing with Rousey is out of hand. First she's this, now she's that. It's an F'ing joke. She's not even top 1,000 Maxim. If you think she is #29 you are F'ing blind.

    Yes, great female fighter, but that's IT! Pioneer? No, Woman of the year? No. Just because she is the first female UFC champ they have blown this whole thing with her way out of proportion.