Ronda Rousey Discusses Brutal Weight Cut During TUF 18


Ronda Rousey has seldom been out of the news in recent times, the Women’s Bantamweight Champ is notorious for pre fight trash talk and hype. More recently Rousey has been in the public eye during her stint as coach on the first unisex/female coached season of TUF.

The groundbreaking achievements set by Rousey are a thing to behold, as was her incredibly dangerous weight cut during the latest season of the reality show. ‘Rowdy’ cut an incredible 17 pounds in just 24 hours to prove a point to a fighter that had missed weight.

Rousey has coached opposite Miesha Tate, who stepped in to replace the injured Cat Zingano just before the show started filming. The drama has certainly been on tap thus far, and the finals look to be a great line up for Saturday night. Rousey stopped by with the FOX NFL crew on thanksgiving to discuss her brutal weight cut and more. Check out the video below and stay tuned to Lowkick!

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  • Wow, her upper body is getting bigger and bigger by the minute, Yikes 🙁

    • I belive that her head is gettin bigger and bigger, too. What a Crazy *****.

  • Ronda should hire an attire stylist.

    • Rhonda should just go naked

    • Ronda did hire an attire stylist, from the Amish community.

      In exchange and as part of her training her grip strength, she plucked an entire field of 10,000 carrots in only one hour with both of her hands tied behind her back.

      Seeing how helpless she was, Miesha Tates boyfriend threatened to slap her…

      Thankfully, Nick Diaz happened to hear this threat whilst practicing his ploughed field bear crawls and before you knew it, Nick took care of the whole situation…

      … and after everyone had passed his UFC&Diaz peacepipe, everyone lived happily ever after…. except for Miesha Tates boyfriend who was sent to a rehabilitation centre for morons who threaten to hit woment – what a douche.

    • Thats an ugly outfit right there.