Robert Drysdale’s UFC Debut Canceled Due To Staph Infection


Brazilian Jiu-jitsu champion Robert Drysdale was set to make his debut at next month’s UFC 163, but apparently his first foray into the octagon will have to wait. Drysdale has reportedly been removed from the Rio de Janeiro card with a staph infection. The news, first reported by The Las Vegas Review Journal, has not been officially confirmed by the UFC.

Drysdale has made a name for himself in the MMA world since his 2010 debut by going undefeated, winning each of his 6 bouts via first round submission. His last win was over D.J. Linderman this April.

It’s a bit of a setback for Drysdale, but hopefully he’ll heal up quickly and fight his first UFC bout later on this year. The BJJ world champion has been running through competition akin to a male version of Ronda Rousey, but it could be argued that his level of opponents has not been top-notch.

That’s why he signed with the UFC. Hopefully Drysdale will get his first chance to prove his out-of-this-world submission skills will translate to success in the world’s biggest promotion. Fellow BJJ wizard Roger Gracie found himself on the losing end of a lackluster effort to Tim Kennedy at UFC 162. Will Drysdale suffer the same fate, or will he be able to submit his UFC foes?


  • These gyms need to have a health code for cleaning and maintaining mats they roll on and practice on. Staph is the most common infection these guys get. It's a big problem in MMA training.