Road to the octagon: A look into this Saturday’s UFC on Fox 6


The UFC just released this preview, giving fans a look into the matchups set to take place this Saturday at UFC on Fox 6.

The is weekends card features quick rising Light-heavyweight contender Glover Texiera vs MMA Legend Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone takes on former WEC Lightweight champion Anthony “Showtime” Pettis for the #1 contender spot, and Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson defends his UFC Flyweight title against Ultimate Fighter winner and #1 contender John Dodson.

  • Great video although watching rampage train is like getting a showtime kick on my left nut…

    • Damn your right. I don't know how long ago this was recorded but he looks in horrid shape.

      Seems like he's going to go with the "mental" gameplan of trying to get in to Texieras head with the talk about how he won't stand with him. Also talking recently about how he has "snitches" in his camp who say hes going with a wrestling gameplan. Sad…. And goes to show how full of crap he was with Jones's "snitch" accusations.

      • Yeah, I hate seeing any great fighter come to the end of their careers.

        I dont know what it is like to knock someone out or slam them unconcious but it must be worth the chase. Time after time and fighter after fighter chase that glory and usually end up falling short. They are still hoping for that one last taste of dominant victory, they know they once had.

        I couldnt imagine to have had that and then watch myself lose it.

    • It may have just been a joke or just whatever but when Rampage complained about the training being 5 rounds, I got the feeling that sort of attitude is throughout the entire camp.

      • @Keith

        Completely agree. He looked painfully slow, out of shape, unhappy to be there at all. Complete contrast to Glover's training.

        Not to mention even his coach basically saying he isn't hungry anymore, and trying to get that hunger back. One thing is for sure… Glover is HUNGRY!

  • The way Glover hits the bags makes me sleep with a teddy bear at night

  • Glover wants to KO Rampage? Good luck with that my friend!
    I'm afraid, he's going to play it safe, after he feels Rampage's power…
    I wanna see a fking stand up battle!!!

  • Cerrone vs Pettis will be exciting!

  • These Road to the Octagon specials are EPIC!
    I love them, the las two were great and this one has got me just as hyped!

    With Rampage being the possible exception, all of these guys are crazy hungry to win their fight and become the best!

  • Another thing that bothers me is Rampage is still continuing his vendetta with the fans. He talks like everyone who watches him now isn't a real fan of him because they only seen his UFC career and didn't see his Pride days.

    New flash for Rampage… The UFC-only fans are the ones who adore him. It's the Pride fans that are upset with him! They are the ones that know he doesn't fight anywhere near his Pride fighting style, he's an (admitted) 1 dimensional boxer these days "because he likes to knock people out". What happened to the Pride days when he was knocking people out with crazy throws and ground and pounding them in to oblivion? (like he did to his poor training partner who wasn't prepared for it when "Rampage came out"?)