Rich Franklin & Jeff Monson discuss their futures at 205lbs


  • I have thought for years that Monson would be better off at lhw. Seeing him in SF would be cool. They are a long way from being as stacked at LHW as the UFC but the addition of the SnowMan would be another step in that direction.

  • Here what Chael Sonnen says about 205 :DDD That why they are going there

  • he says it at very end

  • great video, thanks mate!

  • 205 is the toughest division in the ufc, hands down

  • I dont think he would ever get a title shot in the UFC better off
    at SF but between Babuala, King Mo, MOUSASI
    just dont see it happening ive seen a couple of his fights this year and he is really
    rusty on his bjj and wrestling and has never been a good boxer but
    everyone wants to make one more run before they go to just coaching