Ricardo Lamas Says Jose Aldo Is Just A Man


Ricardo Lamas will challenge for Jose Aldo’s long-held Featherweight title at UFC 169, in the evening’s co-main event. ‘The Bully’ stands a chance at true greatness if he can beat Aldo, and his four fight win streak in the UFC since 2011 has shown us a glimpse of Lamas’ abilities.

Lamas is taking the ‘Chris Weidman approach’ to Aldo; meaning he is not being drawn in to this whole GOAT/unbeatable aura. He stopped by with MMAJunkie to discuss his mindset ahead of this Saturday’s UFC 169:

“It’s realizing he’s a man just like anyone else, he put puts pants on one leg at a time, I think. Unless he has some mutant powers that I’m not aware of, whenever you step in there with another man, it’s an even match. Anyone can beat anyone on any given day.”

“I’ve been preparing myself to just step in there and do it, I mean a lot of people see him as one of the best pound for pound fighters and he might be. But I think a lot of (fighters) are already going in there mentally defeated”

I like Lamas’ frank attitude, and it is reminiscent of ‘The All-American’ in the lead up to his first fight with Anderson Silva at UFC 162. But does ‘The Bully’ have what it takes to get the job done against such a dangerous athlete as Aldo?

“I’m very strong mentally and physically, I’m going to go in there and not be intimidated by his name. I’ve heard that he has been training with BJ Penn, but I’m Ricardo Lamas. When he steps in there with me I don’t care who he has been training with.”

Lamas has a huge task ahead of him, whether he realises it or not. A part of me is thinking that ‘The Bully’ is trying to downplay this fight to keep himself mentally focused. Another part of me thinks that Lamas doesn’t have the most amazing chin and Aldo has some fancy striking.

UFC 169 will answer any questions about Aldo’s striking or Lamas’ mindset/chin in hopefully decisive fashion. My personal opinion is that Aldo will continue his incredible streak, at the cost of Lamas’ four fight promotional spree.