Report: Thiago Silva Arrested For Battery With A Weapon, Attempted Murder


UFC light-heavyweight Thiago Silva has been in and out of the news recently, for mainly the wrong reasons. After numerous failed drugs tests, it appeared that the Brazilian had found his feet again; joining the Blackzilians and scoring back to back wins over Rafael Cavalcante and Matt Hamill.

News emerged late last night that Silva was involved in an alleged armed stand off with police officers at his home in Oakland Park, Florida. The stand off ended late last night, but only after Silva had apparently comitted domestic violence, felony attempted murder, resisting, and battery with a deadly weapon.

Sources close to the situation claimed that the dispute had begun as a domestic situation between Silva and his wife, and then had escalated when Silva went to the Jiu Jitsu school ran by Pablo Popovitch on Oakland Park Blvd and started threatening students of the school.

Zuffa released this official statement:

“This evening, we were made aware of a situation involving Thiago Silva. We are in the process of gathering the facts and have no further comment at this time.”

The situation apparently ended after an armed standoff that went on well past midnight, when SWAT officers took the troubled fighter in to custody. The arrest files on Silva are available to view here, and the less than flattering mugshot is below.

The lacklustre performance that Silva put forth against Hamill could well be the last one we see from the embattled Brazilian, and I hope the best for him. There are no winners in these sorts of situations.

  • this guy keeps disappointing me. such a fun promising fighter but does so much dumb shit to ruin his Rep and career. he should be 4-1 in last fight instead he's 2-1-2. & now he could be going away for a while

  • I used to like the guy, He was a beast, well, until he met Machida. After the Evans fight, he just turned 90 degrees, not making weight, taking drugs, unprofessional conduct during a fight. Hope he fixes his ways, I would love to see the old Silva against guys like Anthony Johnson and Bader and Ll Nog.

    • He did the opposite of Munoz, Munoz lost to Wiedman and got fat, Thiago lost to Machinda and got lost in drugs and murder! Oh wait he did get a bit fat to.

      • Attempted murder…. not murder, You had me there, mate, a "cool" for that

  • He's always been a knucklehead so this unfortunately is not terribly surprising.

  • I literally live 5 minutes away from Popovitch BJJ and thought about joining numerous times, on a similar note, I didt know Silva stayed like 10 minutes from me lol that being said, i always thought Silva was a bit loony, i mean he always looked crazy and after he tested positive and came back he looked like he lost alot of muscle making me wonder if he would go roid rage mode on his opponents. Sucks man, had alot of potential just didt seemed to focus it too positively. I heard his wife was cheating on him and he went to Popovitch, idk if to confront the guy or looking for his wife.

  • He always looked the Silva that should be called the Axe Murderer. Well so does Wanderlei but in a different way. I always thought Thiago would be some sort of killer

  • Ivy

    Is he even an American citizen?

  • Usually guys with neck tattoos aren't violent at all…