Report: Uriah Hall Fainted In ‘Scary’ Scene Prior To UFC St. Louis Weigh-Ins

Don Wright for USA TODAY Sports

Hours after the MMA world was hit with the unfortunate news that middleweight champion Robert Whittaker was forced out of his main event bout with Luke Rockhold, another high-profile bout was scrapped when news broke Uriah Hall had been forced out of his co-main event bout against Vitor Belfort at tomorrow’s UFC St. Louis.

The bout was to be MMA legend Belfort’s retirement fight and understandably elicited an emotional response from the former UFC champion where he wished Hall a fast recovery. It was unknown just what caused the veteran striking specialist to not show up for weigh-ins, but details soon emerged clarifying a harrowing scene before “Primetime” stepped on the scale.

Ariel Helwani tweeted that Hall reportedly fainted on his way to weighing in even though he was on weight. That would obviously be scary enough, but the belief was that he also suffered a seizure as well:

It’s a highly concerning set of circumstances for the veteran middleweight, one that will certainly – and justifiably – further the controversy over extreme weight-cutting practices in the UFC and MMA as a whole.

“The Phenom” will need a new foe for his retirement bout, but more importantly, Hall’s health will need to be cleared before he can return to the octagon.

Is it time for the UFC to do something about all the bout cancellations due to weight cutting? Is there really anything they can do?

  • Shock Wave

    My suggestion?
    Take the walk around weight, compare to the nearest division.

    • Rocky Mak

      Have a percentage leeway, or not impose such a hefty sanction against people missing weight by a small amount.

  • Dave WC

    All the commissions need to follow the lead of the CSAC. If a fighter struggles to make a certain weight class, refuse to license them for that division.

  • Peter Dinklage

    If u miss weight you are banned from that division. You need to be hard and serious or someone will die.

  • Robert Tony Berry

    Hydration tests, use an average walk around weight banning cutting more that 10% (you can require a monthly weigh in at designated facilities, the UFC has more than enough money at $4 billion to find a way to set one or two up in all 50 states). I really don’t think this is rocket science… but then what do I know.

  • OneFootFriendly

    “extreme weight-cutting practices”

    How much is he cutting?
    How much does he usually weigh?

    I dont recall him ever being at 205 or having bulge battles before.

  • Kris Tophon

    well happy with that.. now we get to see Elkins v Johnson on the main card