Report: Jose Aldo Injured Rib In Training, Possibly Out Of UFC 189

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After an unprecedented amount of hype and promotion, was UFC 189’s blockbuster Jose Aldo vs. Conor McGregor main event too good to be true?

It appears that that may be the case, as Brazilian reporter Ana Hissa tweeted earlier that Aldo suffered a broken rib in training today, which could force him out of the quite possibly the biggest MMA fight of all-time.

Brazilian MMA outlet Globo then confirmed the report, noting that Aldo had indeed fractured his rib after going to the hospital to get an MRI with his coach Andre Pederneiras. Supposedly the longtime champ will only be out for around three weeks, but that would still put his anticipated showdown with McGregor on hiatus for at least another month if not more.

The UFC has not confirmed the injury or Aldo’s subsequent removal from the July 11 card from Las Vegas; so stay tuned to for any and all breaking news on the extremely unfortunate set of circumstances.

  • fightofthenight


    • So the guy training to mimic Conor McGregor in training knocked Jose Aldo out?

      • “Speed” is LEGIT! Lol

        • Space

          Lmao so Jonas fucked Jose up in training using Conor style? Just joking this is seriously fucked news though Damn you MMA GODS!!!!

          • Lmao… mannnn the MMA God’s are fucking with us bro’! 80% of the UFC champs and top contenders are injured!

          • Space

            I’m so disappointed……How the FUCK can Aldo injure himself this close to the fight? What was he thinking, having hard sparring? This type of injury doesn’t happen doing very light sparring….

          • He brought in a lot of new talent. Sometimes you get 1 of those dumb fucks that doesn’t know how to pull back in a sparring session. You gotta go hard, but not to the point you injure your sparring partner. It’s often lack of experience or some newbie trying to prove himself against the pound for pound best, forgetting it’s not a damn FIGHT. You’re there to help, not to make a name for yourself.

          • Space

            I heard rumours Barao did it, not sure about that though.

          • No, it was Alcides Nunes. He slipped while he threw a kick at Aldo and it landed straight to the ribs. He was probably throwing a headkick. Aldo tried to block the headkick and his ribs were exposed… that’s how i imagine it happened, after reading Nunes story.

          • Space

            That’s McGregors best kick ,

  • apocalypse123

    dammit injury bug every time i say you’ve taken it too far but i mean it this time you’ve seriously crossed the line! give jose his rib back right now

  • grandslam

    This is fucked up news. Can we have Frankie Edgar fight Connor McGregor for the interim belt?

  • Space


  • kevin

    Well if Connor is the real deal like he says he is this would give him the chance to prove it’s not hype. Fight Edgar or Mendez. ..someone who is in the top 3.

    I love watching Connors fights but let’s be honest, he got the fight because aldo has put top competition on the shelf