‘Reemed’: Watch Alistair Overeem Outstrike Frank Mir 139-5


In a do-or-die heavyweight bout on the main card of last night’s UFC 169 from Newark, New Jersey, former Strikeforce and K-1 World grand Prix champion Alistair Overeem ended a two-fight slide by battering former UFC champ Frank Mir.

Although Mir stated that he wouldn’t retire even if he lost, perhaps all signs are pointing in that direction. Despite receiving yet another therapeutic use exemption (TUE) for testosterone-replacement therapy (TRT), Mir was thoroughly outclassed all night by Overeem.

Both Overeem and Mir were ranked in the Top 10, but the talent gap was considerably larger than that. And the fight video highlights courtesy of FOX Sports above are a testament to that fact.

But, if you need more proof that Mir isn’t done fighting the best in the world after four straight losses, then last night’s FightMetric report will probably sway your opinion. Overeem outstruck Mir by an alarming margin of 139-5, proving that the game has simply passed Mir by:

It happens to even the best of fighters in the UFC, and Mir has nothing left to prove. His striking just can’t hang with the current crop of UFC heavyweights. On the other hand, Overeem looked noticeably smaller than he did in his losses to Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva and Travis Browne, but that appears to be a good thing.

“The Reem” moved his training camp back to Thailand for this fight, returning to his striking roots of Muay Thai. He also began focusing more on cardio after running out of gas and allowing Silva and Browne to come back and knock him out. Mir may not be the best gauge of skill at this point in his career, but there’s no denying that Overeem looked much better than he had in recent months.

The hulking kickboxer called out former foe brock Lesnar after his win, but “The Beast’s” return to the cage is just a rumor at this point. If the UFC truly wants to give Overeem a real challenge, they’ll match him up with Junior dos Santos or Mark Hunt.

I’m willing to bet that either one of those sluggers would be able to land more than five strikes if they faced Overeem. What’s next for the Dutch “Demolition Man”?

  • This was a thorough whooping for sure. 1 of the most 1 sided fights I've ever seen. During the fight I commented that I wonder if this will change his mind on that retirement if cut. I don't know if it will. Mir has to know he won't face any strikers as powerful as Overeem and Barnett outside the UFC, so he might think he can still run the table elsewhere. I don't know if he could beat everyone outside the UFC there is some stiff tests, but he'll have a chance. I don't think he should continue to take head trauma after his last few fights.

    • JDS would knock out any remaining horse meat (aka testosterone) from Overeem's system (which doesn't appear to be too much judging by the weigh-ins – must be all that cardio/drug testing).

      Cain would finish him quicker than a taco.

      • gm1

        Yeah… Im anticipating Mir getting cut soon…
        He does not have it anymore…

        As for The Reem…he was not impressive beating up a bottom of his prime Mir. The Reem couldnt even finish Mir…
        I personally thought he looked sloppy….
        No way he could perform well against guys like Cain & JDS.

        • I thought similar for a minute or 2 because I thought Overeem would K.O Mir within 3 minutes. The performance to me was great though. When they were both up to be cut with a loss he played it kind of safe but still SMASHED him. I don't think it was a bad performance at all. O really? He couldn't beat Cain and JDS? number 1 and number 2? wow what a bum lets just cut him. heck lets just cut everyone who can't beat them… we'll just keep Cain and JDS and let em fight eachother every 4 months…

          • Or browne or bigfoot.
            Or liddell or shogun or rogerio nog ironically.

            But credit to him, he did beat Brock Lesnar. A top 5 WWE pro wrestler.

            Hush Silva.

  • Kongo vs. Mir II in Bellator. I'm sure CK would love another shot at Mir.

    As a long-time Mir fan, I was disappointed in "what I saw" (my started cutting in and out during the match). He looked his usual slow lumbering self and once again appeared to be fighting without any fire or passion; it's like he's going through the motions.

    I love the guy, but Mir's star has faded and I don't even know if I'd call him a gatekeeper. He's not big enough, powerful enough or explosive enough to deal with what's in that division.

    On the other hand, I wasn't blown away with Overeem. I was expecting more out of him. I thought he'd blow Mir out of the water and in that sense, I give Frank a moral victory of sorts, for taking the Reem to a decision and not getting stopped.

    The upside for Reem, he showed better conditioning and a higher Octagon IQ this time out.

    • I was impressed with Reem…. he paced himself and fought very intelligently. Everyone was expecting this onslaught, but it was clear that Reem was cautious to make sure he didn't gass out. Now that he ran through Mir with relative ease and was not fatigued at the end of the fight. He'll be more confident to unleash more punishment in the next fight. The 2 losses he had were devastating and this was a good fight for him to rebuild the confidence and to see where his cardio is at.

      • I wouldn't disagree. It was a smart fight from Reem; very smart.

        I did expect him to finish Mir, though. I thought that was a done deal. That said, AO has nothing to hang his head about regarding the win and as you said, it ended the losing streak and gives him back his confidence. Again, he exhibited a much higher O-IQ in this fight, than he did in his previous two; good for AO.

      • Not finishing Mir doesnt say much, since almost every HW now can actually finish Mir.
        Lets face it, that was an easy fight for Reem.
        He'll never be champ as long as guys like Cain, Brown, Bigfoot, and JDS are there.

        • Cain and JDS i could agree with but Overeem was dominating Browne and Bigfoot until he gassed. If he has sorted out his gas tank i don't see why he wouldn't be able to beat both of them in a rematch. I also don't see anyone taking the belt from Cain unless its by some flash KO like in his first fight with JDS.

  • Mir wouldn't last with Cheick at this point. Kongo would just have to hit when they 1rst came out and Mir would go into LaLa Land AKA I don't know how to fight any more. He turns to mush after he gets hit. Speaking of Overeem, I think he just made sure Brock doesn't return to the UFC. If Brock does return it'll be the 3rd time I've ever rooted for Overeem. Brock the 1rst time last night and Brock again. Brock coming back is whatever because he'd be able to float around the middle of the division's top 10 making him a solid fighter but he doesn't deserve all the special treatment. especially the nonsense of letting him also compete outside the UFC in a fake sport or not

  • I was happy with Reem's win, although it was a conservative approach. Maybe a bit too much in round 3, but it is better to be safe than sorry for the third time. Guys from the card like Reem, Barao and Varner just drop their hands when their killer instinct kicks in and they rush forward. You could actually see in Reem's face when he realized he had to hold himself back. And when he does it, these sort of results come up.

    Mir so far is finally done in the UFC, but he should find some career end/alternative in other organizations. Bellator or WSOF would welcome him with open arms.

  • DG1

    The JDS fight needs to happen now.

  • Personally i think Mir should retire and get into commentating for the UFC. I've never been a fan of Mir but i don't like to see a fighter take the kind of punishment he has been taking recently. I have the feeling this is gonna be the kind of situation where the fighter doesn't know when his time is up.

  • If Mir retires I would love to see him comantating or on an mma show, the guy has good insights.