Rashad Evans says he can defeat Anderson Silva


Former UFC Light Heavyweight champion Rashad “Suga” Evans appeared on the UFC 156 media conference call today in preparation for his upcoming bout Antonio Rogerio Nogueira. But it was his comments about a far more illustrious fighter that had the most impact. When the inevitable topic of Anderson Silva was brought up, Evans responded with respect:

“It would be a tremendous honor to have held the belt in two different divisions, but also the chance to compete against Anderson Silva would be an honor. He’s one of my favorite fighters to watch, I get excited every single time I get a chance to watch him fight.”

However, Evans is also confident in his chances against the champ. Evans has slightly campaigned for a fight with Silva over the past year, but with such a jumble of possibilities for The Spider at Middleweight and beyond, that fight has not even remotely taken off the ground. It appears Evans is trying to stoke that fire today:

“I believe I can beat Anderson Silva and I believe that the skills and stuff that I have is something he would have a hard time dealing with. But to compete against the guy, first and foremost, would be an honor in and of itself.”

Indeed just the right to face off with Anderson has become an honor. These are some strong words from a tough fighter who has only lost to Lyoto Machida and Jon Jones.

On the other hand, it must be remembered that Evans originally made his debut in the UFC as a Heavyweight. How harsh would the weight cut down to 185 be on his body?

If and when he gets there, would he be the man to finally defeat Anderson Silva

  • I'm sure you'd love to Lay & pray on top of Silva for 5 rounds.

    • @UG

      so would georges, but in the spider we trust!

      • Lmao – You love you some Georges, don't you? I agree – in Spider we trust.

    • Pretty much, not sure why this was weaked.

  • He has a better chance at getting pregnant than beating Silva.


    • people give rashad a hard time for some reason but hes got a great record and went 5 rounds with jones who had over 10 inches of reach on him. plus IMO rashad has better wrestling,striking, jui jitsui defence, speed , power and endurance than chael. im not saying he will beat anderson because hes a monster but i dont see anybody else in the division bringing a more well rounded game than rashad he doesnt have many weakpoints. and to all the haters .. being ko'd one time in 20 fights does not give you a glass jaw

      • Exactly.

      • But against a guy like Anderson Silva becomes a huge bullseye, plus he has got rocked against, Chicago, Rampage and Jones and I am almost sure Forrest did it too but I don't have enough evidence to sustain my case, but if Rashid has a button Silva can switch it of anytime.

      • Rashad has the skill set and athletic ability to do so. Dont see why not in my opinion he should move down to 185.

      • @Foetus Rashad is better than Chael in most areas but definitely not in endurance and I think Chael's wrestling is better as well.

        The problem is though, Chael went straight for Anderson's weakness both times he fought him and never let Silva get a chance… until Andy created one for himself.

        Rashad is prone to leave his wrestling and try to stand with his opponents even when his wrestling is his most likely path to victory.

        I could see it playing out like the Machida fight if Rashad challenged Silva.

        • @keith chael seems to have lost his cardio since he was caught with elevated testosterone levels if you noticed he looked tired against bisping and the second silva fight plus ive seen rashad go 5 rounds twice. the wrestling is hard to give to one of them but rashad outwrestled phil davis ( who has one of the best wrestling records in mma) for 5 rounds plus he is heavier than chael so its hard to say.
          ive only seen him ditch his wrestling against machida but he learnt from that and against jones he just couldnt get the takedown but what he is really good at is mixing striking and wrestling to become unpredictable like in the thiago silva and rampage fights. imo i think he could beat any of the top challengers in mw but anderson would be a tough match up for him. id give him a chance though because he always trains and hes got the reem as a sparring partner

  • Always thought Evans would give Silva a good fight at 185, and he'd be a good fit for the division too.

    • @evan

      do you remember jones vs rashad.
      mma fans have short term memory.
      rashad is good but the spider is in a different league.

      • "do you remember jones vs rashad.
        mma fans have short term memory.
        rashad is good but the spider is in a different league."

        Explain more next time. Rashad gave Bones his toughest fight yet (Disclaimer for idiots: Yes being roughly competitive over 5 rounds is better than one close arm bar attempt, and edging the first round in fights you get ceremoniously crushed in eventually). He also didn't have the advantage of being a much better wrestler against Jon. And lastly he's only 5'11 and could make 185 with some work.

        Anyway, I'm not sure what your post meant anyway. Is it that Rashad is too big for 185? That he got beat by Jon so Anderson would automatically beat him, or is it just anybody having a chance against Anderson is completely out of the question because his name both starts and ends with an "A".

        • "Rashad gave Bones his toughest fight yet"

          toughest? first, all 5 rounds were boring and it was more of a sparring match than a fight

          second, they were training partners( lyoto ko'd evans)

          "He also didn't have the advantage of being a much better wrestler against Jon."

          sure buddy continue to enlight us with that vast mma knowledge of yours
          .rashad was a NCAA Division 1 wrestler.
          jon was a junior college wrestler.

          • @OMR

            Respectfully, I would have to disagree. Would Rashad beat Anderson, who knows? But I don't think I'd tell you that he'd be a walk in the park for AS.

            And the funny thing about this is, why are we talking about Suga having to come down to 185? Why not just have Anderson fight him @ 205 and let the chips fall where they may. Anderson has a storied track record of coming up.

            If this is supposed to be such an easy fight for AS and he's just sitting around twiddling his toes, anyway, then he should come up and take on Evans. I would definitely buy that PPV. A lot of people would. So, lets not talk about it. Lets do it.

            On an un-related note: GSP is climbing back into The Octagon for the second time in 120 days, to defend his belt.

          • D

            College wrestling credentials don't always translate to MMA.

            Rashad Evans was 48-34 in college at 174, and was never an All-American or conference champion, let alone a national champion.

            Phil Davis was 116-15 in college at 197, a 4-time All-American, a conference champion, and a national champion.

            Davis posted a much better record and far more accolades against bigger, stronger athletes in college, yet when they fought, Rashad completely outwrestled him.

            When it comes to MMA it does not matter that Evans competed at a higher level than Jones in college…there are 25 minutes of evidence to prove that.

          • Mousasi: Crazy fact about Rashad Evans, he beat one of the best colleegiate wrestlers of all-time, Greg Jones. One of only 4 people to do it.

          • *3 people.

          • D


            Another interesting fact, he also lost to Jacob Volkmann, who now fights at a weight class 50 pounds lighter than him. He just never found consistency in college.

          • Jesus, back to being a idiot troll. You were going good there for a little while too (well good for you).

            "toughest? first, all 5 rounds were boring and it was more of a sparring match than a fight"

            So you begin with nothing that counters the point I made. Not a great start, but not surprising either. Yes, it wasn't as exciting as Jones stopping Belfort or dropping Lyoto like a bag of dead squirrels.

            "second, they were training partners( lyoto ko'd evans)"

            Then you continue on by citing something completely irrelevant to the conversation. You're on a roll.

            It makes no difference what Lyoto did to Rashad here. The discussion is about how each did against Jones. If we were discussing a future rematch between the two, then that would be a different story.

            Still following trolly? Keep up.

            "sure buddy continue to enlight us with that vast mma knowledge of yours
            .rashad was a NCAA Division 1 wrestler.
            jon was a junior college wrestler."

            Ah, and you finish a onemoreround special with your coup de gras.

            Surely nobody in MMA history has outwrestled somebody with better skills than them in College, right? I mean GSP must have had better credentials than Hughes and Koscheck. Dominick Cruz definitely was more decorated than both Urijah Faber and Scott Jorgensen.Chris Weidman had a much better wrestling career than Mark Munoz, correct? I mean they must have since amateur pedigree in wrestling directly relates to MMA wrestling according to you?

            Jon has shown a much better acumen for MMA wrestling compared to Rashad (which is saying a lot sense Rashad is a very good MMA wrestler). That is what I was speaking on with my "vast MMA knowledge".

            You also might want to look up who was recruiting Jones for D 1 before commenting that he was a juco wrestler next time. Iowa, OK State, ASU, and Iowa State were trying to grab him as he was the best prospect coming out of any D3/juco schools. The only reason he didn't transfer, as was his plans, is his gf got pregnant with his child.

            Just a little FYI for ya, here are some other D2/Juco wrestlers that actually made the transfer: King Mo, Cain Velasquez, Brock Lesnar, Daniel Cormier.

          • I swear I didn't write that.

          • That is what I was speaking on with my "vast MMA knowledge". ……………yeah but many of us have a job and work for a living 8))

          • I'm sure you got the sarcasm, but well done anyway.

          • Just messin with you Evan. Work got pretty busy and I visit once maybe twice a day to look around, Im in a better mood because of it also. No hate P)

      • Rashad is the only guy who didnt get finished by Jones if my memory is correct.

        • @ Entity

          Your memory serves you well.

        • Yeah but that just mean that Rashad took a longer beating than everybody else.

        • @Entity Jones didn't finish Bonnar or finish his opponent in his debut either

        • he didn't finish Bonnar or Gusmao…

      • Jones has excellent wrestling that kept Rashad having to fight standing up with a huge disadvantage in the reach department. Silva on the other hand has shown that he can be taken down. Why you are comparing two very different fighters and thinking that is making a point is beyond me. Its the classic "styles make match ups" case.

      • @onemoreround do you remember that Jones and Anderson are different fighters????? With very different takedown defense?

    • At what point will The UFC require Silva to defend his belt or step aside? At this stage of the game and regardless of how much I'd love to see Silva / Evans, I could almost care less who they put in there with him, just so long as they get him to defend his belt. Let him fight Nick Ring, Tim Credeur of freaking Rich Franklin again, I don't care, just get him to defend his belt.

      It has been 198 days since Silva took a challenge @ 185. GSP relinquished his title, because he said he couldn't defend his belt / honor his contract within a 12 month period and subsequently, didn't feel that he was any longer The Champ. Okay, Silva is five months away from not defending his title and I see no rush (no pun intended) to do so. And the window is closing, quickly, on the time-frame necessary to select an opponent, schedule a fight / card and allow all the fighters who would be on that card, to camp.

      Of all The Champions I find Anderson the most arrogant. Of all The Champions, he's the one Champion I'd like to see lose and knocked off his high horse. I know he's a Wizard and a talented fighter, but I'd like to see him humbled. I really wish it could be Belfort that got to do it.

      • @MMA Truth….198 days now…..how many more days though before we see him back though ? That could be another 200 days.

        Seems Rashad is growing some strong interest…..if they are willing to offer Forrest and Bonnar a fight, i couldn;t think of anyone more deserving right now than Rashad..Rashad is heading to the back end of his career so it would be a nice token of appreciation for rashads services over the years if UFC matchmakers gave him the opportunity.

        • @ Enjoy

          That's my point – we'll be up on a year shortly and one needs to account for fighter selection, scheduling and camps. If they don't pull the trigger on this within the next 60 days, he will go a full year without a title defense.

          That's a crock of s**t in my books.

          GSP would never and has never taken a year, year +, between title defenses. Not unless he was injured.

      • @Truth GSP never relinquished his belt?

  • I think that Rashad will give Silva a good fight if they ever meet but that ultimately he too will lose in spectacular fashion.

  • Lets not forget that nobody, nobody beats father time. Like Fedor, If Anderson stays too long, he too will be beaten eventually. Over time people have had more and more opportunity to learn what Anderson is all about. Rashad is a fast light heavyweight and has a wide variety of skills.

    I cannot discount his claim. It is plausable.

    • True but Andy hasn't bumped into father time yet.

    • @michael

      sure rashad might be faster,stronger,younger,etc
      but he doesnt have andersons technique. i believe the champ
      has improved his tdd as well as striking, grappling and currently is more dangerous than before. his style has finally matured.

      no one can move like anderson, he will continue to dance. until someone figures out a way. how do you defeat a muay thai specialist with long limbs tailored to bjj. (he has a great guard that hardly takes any dammage.) and his tdd thanks to chael is tried and tested? everyone should watch anderson closely because he is a master at work.

      • @OMR – don't get me wrong. First of all, I didn't say he was faster (i.e. faster than Anderson?? Nah). I said he was fast for a LHW. Secondly nobody has Anderson's instinct and timing. You are right in everything you said. Still, the old stories of the elderly "master" beating the young up and comer – myth. If Anderson stays around long enough he will start losing. I would guess in the next three years.

        • Mr. Micheal Stephensen,

          Like you said, father time is and will remain undefeated, however I'm not sure Silva will stay around for that long a la Roy Jones Jr. Perhaps this year may be his last year as a fighter.

      • @ OMR

        Do you take Silva pills every morning and meditate cross-legged in front of a poster of The Man, every day?

        OMR he's a great fighter, but he's not invincible or made out of marble, my man.

        I tell you, I'd love to be sitting in a room with you on the night he loses, the streak ends and the belt is gone. For man, you are going to be in one sorry funk.

        He's just a fighter OMR. He is not God. He does not eat the sun and drink the moon.

        • i admit im a huge anderson silva fan, and i am honored just like rashad to be able to have seen the spider fight.

          "if" he ever loses again. i hope its to someone that can take his place as the #1 p4p fighter.

          i know hes just a fighter but he fights with so much style and originality!

  • I'm a big fan of Rashad's. I think he'd be Champ of 205 if it weren't for Jones.

    Silva is susceptible to good wrestlers and Rashad, is a great wrestler. His dominance of Phil Davis proved that beyond a doubt. He is a very athletic, powerful, quick and dynamic fighter. He has power in his hands and feet. He has a similar quirky style and timing, to Silva. He has great cardio conditioning.

    Sum it up, he's an ugly fight for Silva. As is any solid wrestler with additional skills. This isn't news. Rashad would be a good match and a welcome breath of fresh air, in the 18/5 division.

    Of course the problem is, I doubt Uncle Dana will off him a title match and Rashad has made no mention of cutting down to take one or two fights, to "earn" the shot. Personally, I think it would be as reasonable to offer Evans a shot at Silva, as it was to offer Sonnen a shot at Jones.

    I would love to see it happen, but I won't hold my breath.

    ….And the clock goes…tick…tock…tick…tock on 185 title defenses in 2013.

    • i agree, i hope he fights in 2013

      • OMR – I'd say if he doesn't fight in the next 5 / 6 months (tops) there should be an interim title bout between X & X to establish a new Champion, until The Prince of 185 wants to take his belt back.

        Fair is Fair.

        • Truth I agree with most of what wyou said but I wouldn't compare Silva and Rashad's timing

          • What I'm saying as much as anything is he quirky. Rashad does not have your standard type of stand-up. It's a little off. It has a lot of movement to it. All I'm saying.

  • There's a first, people arguing about Anderson Silva….amazing.

  • Didnt Rashad also say he could defeat Jones?…

  • Rashad can say what ever he wants. Bottom line is will Anderson Silva fight Rashad?

  • Since there's no clear opponent for Silva nowadays everyone wants in on the ballot,let the begging begin! Keep your ears shut uncle Dana! ;D

  • I've been wanting to see this match up for some time now. Rashad certainly has a lot of tools to give Silva big problems.

  • I'm actually a really big fan of Rashad and think he is one of the best 205ers out there but I think he would get stopped badly by Anderson

  • Everyone is talking like Rashad has already won his upcoming fight. He's obviously the favorite, but Lil Nog won't just turn around, drop his pants and take a spanking. This one is potentially a massive banana skin for Suga, and a loss would see him drop well down the pecking order in two divisions.